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Katie Davidson
Katie Davidson
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Twelve year old singer/songwriter, Katie Davidson, emerges as a leader of the new generation of Country Music lovers!
10MAY2007: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Twelve year old Oldham County Artist Makes Her Music Debut. In today's music world, it is uncommon to find an aspiring artist who writes his or her own material. But to find such an artist at the tender age of eleven is exceptional. Oldham County's Katie Davidson is such an artist. "Katie is an extraordinarily gifted writer," says her mother, Beth Davidson. "She never fails to amaze me with her ability to engage us with the most simple little pieces. So when she said to me, 'Mom - I want to write a song. But I don't want it to be about love and stuff. I want it to be something a kid would sing,' I knew something special was about to be created." Davidson shares songwriting credit with her daughter Katie on the project. "The meat of the song is in the lyrics themselves. Katie serves it up with the childhood innocence the subject matter demands," states Sheila Winterber, CEO of WriteStuff Records. "We were not looking to create a child prodigy. We were simply overwhelmed by the song, it's timeliness, and the emotion it evokes," Winterberg continues. "That's why we're releasing it as a single". Katie will finish her last year at Centerfield Elementary in a few weeks and is scheduled to begin a radio tour as the summer begins. Her debut single, Please Come Home, will be released in June to over 1,000 Inspirational Country Music stations nation wide. Fans can listen and down load the single at www.soundclick.com/katiedavidson END**** Katie Davidson follows in the footsteps of her musical family and emerges as a promising leader of a new generation of Country Music fans. A singer/songwriter at the tender age of 11, Katie shines in her new single cut, "Please Come Home" which she co-wrote with her mom and recorded with producer Robert Jason under the WriteStuff Record label.
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Don't stay gone too long, because a new single is just around the corner.