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Harvest 1974
Harvest 1974
20 Tracks
One early Jesus rock band that should not be forgotten. Harvest: Mark Durante, Bill Stanton, Mike Babcox, Dave Keller, and Rick Roman, Bonnie Damitz, Paul Anton
20 songs
Harvest 1973 to 1976 was something wonderful that God put together when I (Rick Roman) was first a Christian. Harvest is Mike Babcox: Guitar, and Vocals - Mark Durante: Bass - Dave Keller: Guitar and Vocals - Rick Roman: Guitar, Bass, and Vocals - Bill Stanton: Drums - Bonnie Damitz: Lead and Backup Vocals - Paul Anton: Drums
Band/artist history
According to Rick Romans perspective. When I first came to the Lord, Harvest was already playing. I seen them at a few places and I thought they sounded great. They just had 2 guitar players and a bass player. There vocal was really nice sounding 2 part harmony. I was so drawn to them because of the message they brought and the music sounded so great to me. They were looking for a sound engineer and they asked me if I would help in the area. So I became their sound engineer for a while. Then they asked me if I wanted to play guitar for them. I accepted and I became the 4th member. My wife Sharon became the sound engineer. This was the band that recorded in January of 1973 at Fiddler's Green. Mike Babcox: Lead Vocals, Guitar Dave Keller: Lead Vocals, Guitar Mark Durante: Bass Rick Roman: Background Vocals, Guitar We had no percussion yet but in my opinion it still sounded good for what we were doing. That recording is on the CD Harvest A Band To Remember. After these things our bass player Mark left the group and the Lord brought a drummer Bill Stanton and I became the bass player. We put out a 45 RPM and were playing concerts and churches in 1974. Then Bonnie Damitz a vocalist joined the group. After those days Dave and Bill left the Group and the Lord sent a new drummer Paul Anton. According to Dave Kellers perspective. This is a compilation of Harvest during their all too brief existence. The original band was comprised of Mike Babcox,, Mark Durante, Dave Keller, and Rick Roman. It was a band that formed of members from several pre - fundamentalist Christian rock bands as a result of the well-documented Jesus Movement of the late 1960s through the 1970s when a vast number of the 1960s hippies got religion. The songs were collaborations of mostly ideas fostered/written by Mike Babcox, although other members of the band made individual contributions. The arrangements themselves were completely a collaboration. Only one of the original members gained rock and roll notoriety Mark Durante (REVCO, Slammin Watusis, KMFDM, The Waco Brothers, Durantula). The other original members have participated in other music projects to this present day. There were other iterations of the band most notably was when Mark Durante left the group and they moved from folk/acoustic style (as heard mostly on this compilation) to electric/rock instrumentation with the addition of drummer Bill Stanton. After Dave Kellers departure a female singer, Bonnie Damitz, was added to the line-up before the group disbanded completely.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We played a lot of places and gave our testimonies.
Your musical influences
All 4 of us came from different backgrounds of music. At that time because we were all young in the Lord it was The Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, Beatles, Exc. The big influences of the day.
What equipment do you use?
For Harvest, anything that came our way
Anything else?
What happened to Rick Roman after Harvest??? After Harvest came to an end, I felt compelled by the Lord to sell or just give away all my equipment and guitars. So I did. After that a brother came to me and told me the Lord told him to give me his acoustic guitar, I could see the struggle he was going thru to do this. So I received it as being from the Lord. I put the guitar in the corner of our living room and it just stayed there in the case for awhile. As time went on I had times when I had a desire to pick it up and play. The Lord would give me passages in the scripture to put to music. So I would add it to my collection of songs I had in my green folder. The songs were very edifying for me to play. Then there were times I would just put it down again. There were also special times the Lord would anoint me and give me joy and strength to play for some people or an event of some kind and I found that people were edified and then I would just put it down again. I guess a good way to describe it is me and the Lord and my acoustic guitar. In 1986 I just had a folder with all the songs I wrote. I had no idea that I would have a little studio in the future or was I planning any such thing. So when new years eve night came in 1986 I was home alone but I had a desire to play every song I had in that folder at the time. So in order to preserve the melodies and remember the chords, I set up a cassette player in my living room and just let it run. So when 2007 came, I took that tape and transferred it to a CD and called it Rick Roman Unplugged "Acoustic Skeletons". As for Rick Roman unplugged, this is good recording if you just like the bare bones of acoustic songwriting. When 1988 rolled around I had a desire to start recording every song I wrote and I began a project called Raw Dog which turned into Christian Raw Dog and eventually became Rick Roman & The Synthetic Machine.
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