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Infinite Limit
Infinite Limit
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Infinite Anthem
"The wolds brought up by billions of men. The streets created by the history of friends. Now is time for the rap game to bed. Things to change or grow; it doesn't mean that it ends. The original shall still flow. The fakes and snakes shall still pretend and probably remain big, until what they do, shall offend the fans, the public, the messeges, understand? Our purpose is to prove that Asians can do what y'all do. We are trying to bite culture or be an American "Slu". We are from Windsor, Ambassador Bridge, acrross from Mo-Town. This is where we live ans shall still love, so 5-19 represent. Y'all shall know our name T-Bo and Zhin of INFINITE LIMIT."
Band/artist history
INFINTE LIMIT is a 2 man band....T-Bo and Zhin...doing solo tracks, or tracks with many talented featured artists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played in a band in '96 called 'Acqueiesce' and performed around my town. I also play in a Cambo band and perfrom around the local areas as well. Infinite Limit as of right now, since we just started just perform at friends parties or just for fun. Nothing big until we hit the big charts and get our record deal. So for now we're gonna keep making our sick tracks for all our fans.
Your musical influences
My favortie Producer is 'Dr.Dre'. My favorite Emcee is 'Jay-Z'. I learned to play the guitar in '97 and studied music by books. Along with the drums. I make beats with real instruments as well as computer softwares.
Anything else?
Check out our site at www.infinite-limit.com. Sign the guestbook join the forums or be featured on the fans page!!!