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Mr Poo
Mr Poo
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fun, comedy song, humourous song, childrens song
, a song inspired by and written initially for children, but writing and performing this song uncovered our own child within and just how much fun you can have singing along to a song about Poo, just saying the word, evokes a childish sense of guilt at something so innocent that just makes you want to giggle. Go on learn the lyrics and sing along, free your child within, no classical training required just a fun sense of humour will give you all you need to participate, play it to your kids they'll love it!! This song is likened to marmite, you either LOVE IT or you will HATE IT! Please take part and post your comments and views we welcome all criticism good and bad, after all if you think it is a load of CRAP! you will paying a compliment.....
Your musical influences
Poonk Floyd, The Poolice, Alice Pooper, Pool Simon, Edgar Alan Poo, Kermit the bog and Miss Poogy, Marie Anne Toilet, The Poosiden Adventure, Dr Poo, Spook Milligan and of course Poo Peter, (still waiting for my badge!) Like playing my PooS2 and listening to music on my Ipood !!
Anything else?
A story about a poor lonesome old lump of poo who nobody wanted to love. Outcast and flushed from it's home it sailed off to pastures new. Sailing towards new europooan adventures, in search of a home, love, maybe kids and college the adventure begins to unfold, where will his journey take him and what lies instore for this lovable (although somewhat smelly!) little man.