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Andrew Cowan
Instrumental and acoustic guitar rock composed and recorded by K2mia (Andrew Cowan)
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He'll Show Us The Way.mp3
I had written a bunch of guitar instrumentals some time ago, this is my first praise song. I was inspired by David's Psalm 19 and a real-life struggle that my father in law is going though with cancer.
JC Boogie
Acoustic guitar jam performed with my Martin JC-16ME Aura.
Ladder Sax
Slow Release
Single take live recording of Andy and his brother Greg, who played the keys. This was the first time we had played together.
Carolina Run
Instrumental Rock piece composed/performed by K2mia (Andrew Cowan). Inspired by Allman Brothers guitarists and some Phish inspiration as well (bridge portions).
K2mia is one of the online personas of long-time internet junkie Andrew Cowan. Andrew is essentially a one-man-band who has been toying around with acoustic and electric guitar for over 25 years. Andrew plays a Martin JC-16ME acoustic, Fender stratocasters, Brian Moore iGuitars and a Dean bass. He composes and records from home and uses a Roland Guitar Synthesizer and a Boss digital recording studio. Andrew has collaborated with other musicians via online collab sites and has produced a few songs as a result that are posted here, most of the tracks were solo projects. His main influences are David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Alex Lifeson of Rush, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead and Elliott Smith. His work consists of instrumental and experimental rock pieces.
Band/artist history
Andrew played in a few bands in his youth in the CT area where he grew up, though never for more than the fun of it. Now he flies solo and composes/records all of the tracks involved with his music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Unfortunately, being a one-man band would make live performances of my music very difficult. I am very interested in online music collaboration and would love to work with others in that capacity - consider this an open invitation to anyone that shares my musical tastes that is interested in online collaboration.
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Rush, Elliott Smith, Elbow, Doves
What equipment do you use?
Martin JC-16ME Aura Brian Moore iGuitar 8.13 '87 Japanese Fender Strat, fitted for a guitar synth Custom American Strat by haywireguitars.com Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer Boss BR1200 Digital Recording Studio
Anything else?
All songs composed and performed by Andrew Cowan and recorded in his home studio.
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Cool Sound!
Good tribute to the Dead. Saw them live, a bunch of times in Winterland, San Fran.
Love the overall feel and sound! A well made song!
this is amazing!! i am definably going to write something to this, hope you don't mind!
This is a great instrumental. I love listening to it when I play my slide show.
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