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Peter Sadul
Peter Sadul
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Blues, pop, country & jazz combined. Original music from an original artist.
Hi there! Peter Sadul is a singer/songwriter from southern part of Finland. Peters music is a mixture of blues, pop, country, folk & jazz. Enjoy with red wine and really expensive cheese:)
Band/artist history
Peter Sadul is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from southern part of Finland. He has been a professional and semi-professional musician/producer for about 7 years, but now its finally time to start his solocareer for real and make it on his own. Saduls music is a mixture of blues, folk, jazz and pop. Everything you hear in these tracks is recorded and produced in Peters own Meatfactory studio. Peter prefers to play every instrument himself in the studio, but there is a live band existing also. The lazy housewives band Three peace band full of talent and style. Some have called it "The most handsome band in the world" and I guess they are right!! So watch out ladies, if they hit your town;) (sorry about the bad humour there...) There is only one goal for Peter right now...to get his music available for bigger audience...hopefully for you too:) So if you like Peters music...tell all your friends to check it out too!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I play live with my band. Check out dates on my official pages: www.petersadul.com & www.mikseri.net/petersadul (a Finnish mp3 community)
Your musical influences
Influences? hooh...well there are few artists that I like. I dont listen to a lot of other peoples music, but here we go...Bruce Springsteen, Norah Jones, Chris Isaak, Angelo Badalamenti, Johnny Cash...
What equipment do you use?
Too much of all kinds of stuff...
Anything else?
Mr. Blues meets miss Twin Peaks & they fall in love...thats basicly what my music is all about.