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Six Million Dead
Six Million Dead
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Blackened Death Metal Pandemonium
"We invoke the fathomless darkness. The profound hatred. The primal. The malevolent rancor lying dormant in every living soul. We awaken it so that it may contribute to the glorious hell we inhabit. Deep inside the aphotic essence of existence, we vomit forth our black cancer. The eruption will be heard only by those who know to listen." Current Line-Up: Rob Reyes - Vocals Chris Martinez - Guitar Dennis Antone - Guitar Ninno Thompson - Drums
Band/artist history
Six Million Dead was formed in 2005 by Jose Gutierrez and Bert Trejo. In 2007, they recruited Tony Martinez (ex-Viraemia) as Vocalist and Recorded the EP "The Image of The Antikhrist" at Villain Recording with Byron Filson, and released it in January 2008. Tony then left the band that same year and they recruited Rob Reyes (ex-Obsidian Sky, ex-Eternal Eclipse) as their new vocalist and Fern Portillo on lead guitar. They entered Arcane Digital Recording in April 2009 and recorded their debut full-length "Revelation At The End of Aeon" with Ryan Butler, and released it in November of '09. After that, Fern eventually exited the band and the band dealt with many line-up changes but also began playing out of state more and building up some momentum. In October 2011, the band entered Arcane Digital once again to record their sophomore album "Indiscriminate Misanthropy". The released the album in February of 2012. In 2013, co-founder Bert Trejo left the band. The band is currently finishing up the writing process for their 3rd album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. All over Arizona. We've also played Las Vegas, NV, Gallup, NM and LA, California. We do enjoy playing live, very much. We let all our raw energy flow at our live performances. Opening up for Marduk was an honor. Playing with Septicflesh was also a real great experience.
Your musical influences
Mentally, Lyrically: Darkness and brutality. Death and hatred. Existence and the human disease. Musically: Marduk, Arkhon Infaustus, Gorefest, Glorior Belli, Immolation, Black Dawn, Napalm Death, Decapitated, 1349, Death, Lord Belial, Hell Militia, Unleashed, Funeral Mist, etc.
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