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Brittany Frompovich
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Do not miss the music of Brittany Frompovich. This stunning female bassist is known of her smokey, sultry vocals and a varied musical pallette of jazz, rock, f
Autumn Leaves - Andy Long and Brittany Frompovich
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All Of Me
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Someone To Watch Over Me - live version
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We Three Kings
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I'll Be Home For Christmas - solo bass and vocal
1) Performance: Brittany Frompovich is bassist/vocalist/songwriter and performs with the following groups: The Slammin' Sisters - Jazz, funk, fusion and Latin. The Swing Kings - big band jazz in the Philadelphia area Kids Jamming For Kids - see her Myspace page for more info on this unique program that helps young musicians give back to the community. www.myspace.com/kjfk She also performs subbing work for various bands and organizations, session work, and works as a soloist or in a duo with guitarist John Corcoran. She is currently experimenting with solo bass performance and exploring various colloborations. The most recent colloboration, "Autumn Leaves" is available for download on this site.
Band/artist history
Her history on the bass: "I am primarily a bassist/vocalist. I have a B.A. in Applied Music: Double Bass from Bloomsburg University. I injured my hands several years ago, and sadly I have never fully regained my classical chops on the double bass. I have periods in my life where my hands are relatively trouble free, and I can make amazing progress. However, those periods of time seem to be rather variable. As a result, I began exploring the electric bass. I began by purchasing a 4 string Vantage bass. Frets seemed very uncomfortable to deal with, so shortly afterwards I pulled the frets on it. (Don't worry...I talked to a local luthier first and got his advice on how to properly do it.) I played that bass for 2 years, until the electronics began to fail (Vantages were notorious for that!). I had been saving up for a new Crescent Moon bass, but I needed a new bass fast as I had gigs lined up. eBay provided my next bass...a used Ibanez SoundGear 6 string. The neck was delightful and fast, but it took me a full year to get really accustomed to the 6 string neck. Along the way, I discovered chording, tapping, and a great variety of techniques that made the world of electric bass open up. I eventually adapted to frets. I purchased an amazing 5 string Syme/Lightwave fretless bass that replaced the Vantage as my fretless bass. I also purchased an NS Designs CR5 which allowed me to re-enter the world of double bass, even if classical purists somehow deem the electric upright "illegimtate". For me, it was a godsend. I resumed playing the NS Bass and my Ibanez 6, but I began exploring jazz, fusion, and rock, in addition to classical. I have settled into this current setup: Basses: LightWave Saber VL5 in TransAmber (www.lightwave-systems.com). LightWave/Syme fretless bass (www.lightwave-systems.com). Hipshot on the low E. Thomastik Infeld Jazz flatwounds. Fret FX system. Spector Euro LX 6 string '89 Rickenbacker 4003 Mapleglow 4 string bass. NS-CR5 for jazz, bowed bass. Thomastik Infeld Pirastro strings. Eastman 605 Double bass. Thomastik Infeld Dominant or Pirastro strings. Amp: Ampeg PR210 cabinet, Lexicon MX200, Digitech Jam Man and Boss RC-50 (both for looping), DOD 866 Series II Compressor/Limiter, Ampeg B2R head As a result of my positive experiences with the LightWave/Syme bass, I have proudly joined the LightWave family of artists. I teach 50 - 70 students per week and perform on the weekends. I strive to teach my students not only how to excel on their instruments, but how to perform as part of a group. To get them addicted to music instead of the TV set or Xbox. I provide performance opportunities by organizing students into appropriate ensembles. These ensembles perform benefit concerts locally under the name "Kids Jammin' For Kids" and "Kids Rock". Our last concert was for the Fredericksburg Food Bank, and we had 240 pounds of food donations. More information about this program can be found at www.myspace.com/kjfk Students have performed at recitals and open mic nights through local music stores, coffeehouses, open mic nights, restaurants, and Borders Bookstores. For more info check out: www.myspace.com/ladybassmusic www.myspace.com/slamminsisters www.myspace.com/kjfk www.ladybassmusic.net http://www.reverbnation.com/brittanyfrompovich
Your musical influences
The Police, Shakti, anything involving Billy Cobham, Rush, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Led Zepplin, Shakti, Brian Bromberg, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Michael Manring, The Bad Plus, Galactic, Hendrix, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin, Hot Tuna, Edgar Meyer, Jamerson, Charles Mingus, Bach, Jeffery Gaines, Stefan Rademacher, Jethro Tull, Tim Bogert, Great Big Sea, Silly Wizard, Steeleye Span, Eva Cassidy, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Yo Yo Ma, Billy Cobham's CultureMix group, Carmine Appice, Mountain, Felix Pappalardi, Mickey Hart, Queen, David Wilcox, Mike Dimin...just too many to list!!
Anything else?
Contact Info: http://www.ladybassmusic.com http://www.myspace.com/ladybassmusic http://en.netlog.com/ladybassmusic http://www.reverbnation.com/brittanyfrompovich Photo slideshow: http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=ladybassmusic&content=slideshow&albumID=0&songID=0&w=640&h=520&caption=1 Video clips can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD7USKHtIRU Favorite Quotes: "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." - William Jennings Bryan "I feel sorry for kids these days. They get so much homework. Remember the days when we put a belt around our two books and carried them home? Now they're dragging a suitcase. They have school all day, then homework from six until eleven. There's no time left to be creative. The hardest part for me is when my thirteen-year-old is complaining about the workload. I agree with him. I'm supposed to be responsible and support the teacher. But it's like, "You're right, son. This is (crap)." - Tom Petty, on schools and busywork. "Who you really are FAR surpasses who you think you are and we stay or shoot for who we think we are. If you can destroy that of your own free will, you will find something much greater." - Oteil Burbridge, from the "Rising Low" DVD "You have to live on this earth twenty-four hours of daily time. Out of it you have to spin health, pleasure, money, content, respect, and the evolution of your immortal soul. Its right use, most effective use, is a matter of the highest urgency and of the most thrilling actuality. All depends on that. We shall never have any more time." - Arnold Bennett "The older you get, the easier it is to spot the phonies. And I just think, How unpleasant for them." - Carrie Fisher "I think it is very important for a musician - who is an actively creative person - to have an open mind and to avoid circumscribed views about the creative process. And that includes the methods of the masters. With an open mind you can hear everybody. This brings a kind of humility; you are open to receiving as well as to giving, and it is often in the giving that we receive. If you are open enough to hear other people, you will be well equipped to know how you can be as creative as possible. Someone asked me recently "Do you like classical music?" I said "Well, what is classical about it? Its' music. I don't go by labels. I listen to music." I learn from everything around me. I deal with the elements, with what is in my environment. It is important for the artist to be able to stop, look and listen." - Baba Olatunji, "Drums of Passion" "Holding on to beliefs limits our experience of life. That doesn't mean that beliefs are a problem. It's the stubborn attitude of having to have things be a particular way that causes the problems. Using your belief system this way creates a situation in which you choose to be blind instead of being able to see, to be dead rather than alive, asleep rather than awake." - Pema Chodron
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