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Revolver (AUS)
Revolver (AUS)
3 Tracks
Retro 3-piece from Canberra
Loose Ends
Peak in sub-genre #86
Days go Wandering By
Peak in sub-genre #70
Green Devil
3 Piece Canberra band. Retro rock/blues
Band/artist history
The Feldons are an originals (we write our own stuff) three piece Canberra (capital city of Australia in case you were wondering) outfit with loud amplifiers, guitar, bass and drums and some other gear which they arent really sure about with Mark Hunstone and James Montgomery providing the original songs. Although not the prettiest band around, they describe themselves, modestly, as fairly average looking with no real dress sense, except for drummer Joe Pryor who, unusually for a drummer, is educated, reasonably good looking and doesnt buy his clothes at cheap op shops. However, since this was originally written, Joey Pryor decided that he needed to travel the world to discover his purpose in life and find himself as, to rip off a bad 80's lyric, hed been to paradise but had possibly never been to himself. And thus, Joe headed off to live in a cave in Nepal for a while before traversing the United States, Africa and Batslavia. (Okay, I made that last bit up). And so, into the band to replace our ex drummer, or one may say, former drummer, is Nick Giles, who Mark found hiding in a small box in a dark room in a basement. After convincing him to come out of the box, Nick mentioned that he could play drums, loudly. And thus Nick Giles came to replace the drummer formerly known as Joe. The Feldons play with enthusiasm and some talent due in the main to guitarist Mark Hunstone, without whom the band would not exist, or at least, would sound rather strange without. Their influences are as wide ranging as the Beatles, Yardbirds, Kinks, Bowie, Hendrix, Stevie Marriott and Small Faces, Dire Straits, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Dandy Warhols, Blind Melon Chetlin, Matt Busby and Doris Day. James' influences alone include The Rutles, The Goodies and Aunty Jack! Nicks influences seem to be beer and playing drums very loudly. Whether or not any of the above is true is probably irrelevant, as The Feldons give it a good shot at repeating the glory days of the power trios of the late 60s and early 70s, albeit, without the outrageous clothes, serious long hair, antiquated equipment and thousands of screaming girls, although they would gladly welcome the thousands of screaming girls. In addition, all members of The Feldons have some serious tertiary qualifications, which really makes no sense in the context of this band review. But seriously folks, the band is a tight knit outfit with a surprisingly big sound based on tight harmonies, intricate arrangements of songs and a certain understanding of how each member of the band plays, whilst retaining the exciting rawness of a three piece. In all aspects, The Feldons are a real band with no pre-recorded instruments, special effects or midi sequencers that have insidiously invaded the live music scene. Guitarist Mark Hunstone is an original Newcastle refugee, having played the infamous Star Hotel when it existed, has recorded an album in Sydney under the You Am I producer, as well as having over 500 gigs to his name. Bassist and vocalist James Montgomery has played the South Coast circuit from Jervis Bay to Tathra and everywhere in between, including just about every venue in Canberra, released a Blues CD in 1997, and has played to 3,500 drunk bikers in Sydney in his 500 plus gigs over the years. Drummer Nick Giles comes from a punk rock background and still seems perpetually bemused at the song writing talents of Messrs Hunstone and Montgomery. Whether this is a good thing or not is a mystery at this stage. Having said that, Nick has also played a number of (loud) gigs around Canberra. Nick recently commented, "Been drumming since high school, played in bands from just about every genre you can think of, extreme metal, blues, pop, 70's rock, and grunge. Currently also in a punk/rock band. Main influences on my drumming would be drum & bass, pearl jam, metallica and strapping young lad. I've also been accused of playing too loud." Oh, and did I mention that they play original material? And they have a reasonably polished CD containing 15 original songs. And its good. Make the time and have a listen. You know it makes sense. Dr Winston OBoogie (Strolling Tone Magazine)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. In and around Canberra. Its a very nice, supportive original music community
Your musical influences
Writing wise, there are a wide range of influences such as the Beatles (as if you couldnt tell from the name), Tom Waits, Mark Knopfler, Small Faces etc etc
What equipment do you use?
US Strat plus deluxe and Gretsch Pro Jet through 1978 Marshall JMP 100. Dunno about the other guys.
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