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A grunge/alternative/psychedelic band. Powerful rock, lyrics contains different subjects from own life experiences, dreams and archetypes and buddhistic mantras
SUNYATAs music is best described as Power rock, and its major music influences are in the fields of alternative rock, psychedelic and heavy metal. SUNYATA is the Sanskrit term for emptiness, although, according to D.T. Suzuki, Sunyata may often be most appropriately rendered by the Absolute(Manual of Zen Buddhism).
Band/artist history
SUNYATA Xavier Vivas musical project- SUNYATA- is rooted in his first musical experiences in Ecuador- his first band (Noisy Matters) performed extensively and appeared on various radio and TV shows, as well as won a top-20s best national bands contest (2002). In 2004 Xavier moves to Montreal, and continues his musical project by teaming up with new musicians, under the name of SUNYATA. His travels, university studies (Philosophy, Literature, etc) and explorations inspire him to write new songs. Weather in English, Spanish or French, the new compositions remain true to Xaviers alternative style, with deep yet catchy lyrics (which he writes as well). The lyrics deal with energy, illusion, dreams, time, etc. After performing in many venues in Montreal (concerts, jams, open-mics), Xavier and his band start recording their first professional EP, fall 2006. The result, Kosmic Mantra, is released by Psychedelia Productions, in January 2007. The featured songs: I dont know, Dirt, Antisocial (in Spanish) and When youre gone got into the top 10 of Internet sites such as Soundclick, Underground Records and Songtiger. Presently, Kosmic Mantra is being played on radio stations and podcasts in Canada, US and the UK. SUNYATAs list of future projects includes recording their first album, touring across Canada and the US, and making their first video clip. SUNYATA members: Xavier R. Vivas (X-man) songwriter, guitarist, singer Phil Palanque bass guitar Jeronimo Tesei drums Ben Gagné guitarist, back vocals
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, wherever I can.
Your musical influences
Nirvana, Alice in chains, Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Doors, Beatles, Audioslave, Placebo, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall and Fender
Anything else?
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