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Canadian recording artist and producer of some of today's and tomorrow's most innovative dubstep, garage, electro, house, hip hop, techno and other electronic m
RAVEDEMAN's biggest priority is to make sure that his friends and fans get what they expect out of him and his work! ORIGINAL INNOVATION... FRESH... and inspiring! ;) He's working on a release of his new album entitled "THE R.A.V.E." - actual release date is unknown for now. What is RAVEDEMAN (also referred to as RAVE) out to prove? He answers this question with: "You see, I learned from the best... I have been truly blessed to have been able to work with as many talented people as I have in past... they influenced me to become the man I've become today when it comes to music... RAVEDEMAN... I see myself as an INNOVATOR and not an imitator! I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel that the future is bright for me and everyone else who has contributed to my music... I can't stop now... because its not just me who will benefit from all this... but also my friends and fans too! I want to be considered one great ones... I sincerely do... this is why I cannot stop, I will not stop and I will refuse to quit! Because if you look back in time... you will agree... NON OF THE GREAT ONES EVER QUIT!
Band/artist history
Ravedeman debuted way back in the late 90's with Henry G Miller of "THE COASTERS" (50's and 60's Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame), Global Music Group's Adam H., Angelica Matei (formally known as Angelica of the group "THE SMOOTHE" with Mad Tiger, and DJ Marquee)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes sure do... I've only done shows in the Vancouver area (Canada)... but as soon as I get things organized I plan to tour most of North America, Europe, and Latin America and the rest of the world just as soon as I straighten out some things here in Vancouver first.
Your musical influences
KASKADE, GREENLAW, Deadmau5, the whole DUBSTEP GENRE as well as the whole HOUSE scene... I love this music... always made a impact in my life in many positive ways!
What equipment do you use?
Laptop, Plugins, Korg Synths, and whatever I could get my hands on.
Anything else?
Yeah...Fuck that fat lady... it ain't over till I sing!
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Bounce back Again (Megan Thee Stallion Type beat)