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The Code Violators
The Code Violators
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Acoustic guitars deftly played, joyous vocals sung with feeling, meaningful songs performed with passion, original ideas with sing-a-long choruses that lift you
The Code Violators are: George Wilson on rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards and vocals; Lynne Wilson on bass guitar, percussion and vocals; Katie Rose, who plays acoustic and bass guitar and sings some joyous vocals; and Rick Brumbeloe, who plays acoustic guitars, slide guitar, keyboards, and sings most of the vocals. They are a rockin' group of friends that love to dance to their own music. They have recently completed their initial CD and are finally getting them back for distribution. Katie Rose and Rick Brumbeloe first met George (Geo) and Lynne (Luna) Wilson about three years ago and have spent most of the time since hanging together and making front porch music. After many, many trials and tribulations they have managed to build a modest little studio, The Dream Farm. The Code Violators wrote, performed and produced all the songs on their CD debut, "The Code Violators", and now start their assault on the rest of the planet.
Band/artist history
We are a band that has been together for five years and are friends as well as bandmates. You can see individual biographies on our web site, www.codeviolators.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are, for the most part, veterans of the music industry with way over a hundred years of stage time between us. Our favorite place to play live now is the incredible Journey's End, www.journeysend.com , an oasis of a bar/restaurant with a pool table and enough atmosphere for ten resorts. The owners are our dear friends and they really know how to treat you right. It's on Highway 36 between Eureka on the coast and Redding,Ca. to the east, and though it's a hundred miles from anywhere it's definetly worth the ride. Our most special moment came during the tragic, unfortunate death of George and Lynne's daughter, Jesa, from leukemia. These sorts of events concentrate feelings and intensify ordinary things. If one moment could be frozen and saved it would be this one: The week before Jesa said goodbye she was at The Journey's End and The Code Violators were able to perform the song they wrote for her,"One More Angel", for her. Everyone laughed and cried. Music is pure magic.
Your musical influences
The Subdudes, John Hiatt, The Hooters
What equipment do you use?
As an acoustic/rock driven band, we use a lot of acoustic guitars. Rick and Katie alone own over ten guitars, (Martins and Takemines), a mandolin, a banjo, a Gibson dobro, a lap steel, keyboards of several kinds, Pearl drums, and ..well, you get the idea. If it makes a musical sound, we will play it. George likes Takemine and Ibanez guitars. We all sing so we have a big vocal sound. We record primarily on a Korg recording set up, and we use Peavey gear for our live sound.
Anything else?
We would like to reach like-minded people who love the clean sound of a well sung melody and the feeling you get when the guitar reaches inside of you and reminds you of something fleeting and rare, a memory, another time. Music that will make you cry tears of joy and sorrow...music filled with unquenchable longing and hurt as well as redemption and closure.