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mirrored shower
mirrored shower
5 Tracks
Acoustic pop music. TV/Film soundtracks. Live Entertainment. Studio albums, 'Reflections' 'Have You Seen This Man'. Jingles. Computer Game music.
Band/artist history
Mirrored Shower Biography Ian Uren first met Sonny James Lovell back in the summer of 1985, when Sonny approached Ian after a gig with his first band Another Day. He asked if Ian would like to sing for his Jazz/Funk outfit Scat Poeta. After a few rehearsals, they discovered a mutual taste in music i.e Rock and Jazz. Ian and Sonny then decided to get together every week and start writing for the band. This lasted until the autumn of 1989. Sonny went off and formed his Jazz band Street Level and Ian got together with the keyboardist from Scat Poeta Matt Johnson (who now plays keyboards and writes songs with JK for Jamiroquai no less) and wrote songs together, heavily influenced by Steely Dan and The Blue Nile. They called themselves Fools Parade and produced several songs that were mixed down onto reel to reel in order to visit various record companies. This was a time for Ian and Matt to learn the craft of songwriting. In 1991, Matt formed his own band Heaven On Wednesday and asked Ian to sing backing vocals, play percussion and keyboards. Every gig they played was a Showcase and supported many top line acts in London. Ian left in 1995 to pursue his love of writing poetry and painting. (He represented the UK in a poetry reading at the annual poetry symposium in Washington DC in 2002 and took part in writing the longest poem for World Peace, along with representatives from 80 different countries). Matt went into producing artists at his own studio in London in 1996 before joining Jamiroquai in 2001 and has written 70% of the latest album Dynamite. He also tours extensively with the band playing keyboards. Sonny meanwhile, was still weaving his magic playing Jazz guitar and revamping classical music and turning them into Jazz pieces for his band (now called Lemon Grove) and has played live at various festivals supporting the likes of Jools Holland and has also appeared on South Today and BBC Radio 2. Matt, Sonny and Ian all used to get together at least once a year (after the Heaven On Wednesday split) to record some songs Ian had written and they called this project The Mirrored Shower which is where they are at now (except for Matt of course). Out of these sessions the first Mirrored Shower album was produced entitled, Have You Seen This Man. This is a compilation of Ians songs spanning 10 years and includes various session musician friends as well. In the winter of 2000, Ian got back together with Sonny and started recording some songs at his home studio in Dorset for the album Reflections. This is a beautiful album of passionate and introspective songs, dealing with the many changes human beings go through in life. For more information on this album see CD cover for details. Ian and Sonny are currently in the middle of recording three mainstream songs for different recording artists to sing and have recorded instrumental music for TV/Film. Once these are complete it will be onto recording the next Mirrored Shower album, which will be entitled The Return Of The Moddy Dhoo. (a Manx term for black dog). The name for the band Mirrored Shower originally derived from a silly fantasy chat up line they conjured up, but has since gone on to mean the many different textures of images you see through their music and the journey the songs take you on. In other words, music that explores the many different genres all played in their own inimitable style. Although Ian and Sonny have no plans to play live together, as yet, Ian does play live on his own under the Mirrored Shower umbrella and performs various songs from the two albums and some covers too, all played acoustically. For more info on this and Jongleursgigs go to http://www.mirroredshower.co.uk
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play acoustic solo gigs throughout the South West. I love the challenge of playing on my own without the aid of backing tapes or a band. It stretches me beyond belief and helps to improve my playing and performance of the songs. I particularly enjoy playing in the Glastonbury and Wells area as the people tend to be very responsive and are keen to get involved.
Your musical influences
Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, Steely Dan, The Beatles, Genesis (pre 'Abacab'). I also like Jazz, Blues, Folk/Acoustic and classical music.
What equipment do you use?
Washburn Acoustic 6 steel string guitar and Brunswick Semi Acoustic 12 steel string guitar. An assortment of percussion including a turkish Serkan drum. Beringher 10 input, 500 watt per channel amp. 2- 300 watt Peavey speakers. Sure Mikes.
Anything else?
Full listings of gigs etc, go to: http://www.myspace.com/mirroredshower
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