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I'm basically presenting the songs here as a solo artist but I have spent lots of time as a band member. If my status changes I'll update.
Lost within
Peak position #27
Smile Upside Down remix
Peak position #98
Smile Upside Down
Peak position #79
Box it
Peak in sub-genre #69
Crystal Eyes
Peak position #46
Stealin` Steel (sample)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Stormy Monday (Miko mix)
Peak position #67
Lister and Skipster-take 2
Peak position #86
Jam Sample 1-Skip, Dan & Joe
Peak in sub-genre #41
Peak in sub-genre #16
Tana Leaves
Peak in sub-genre #39
Strut Bluez-Ellwood/Road Hog Band + Skip T.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Blues for B.B.-Ellwood/Road Hog Band + Skip T.
Peak in sub-genre #34
Bohemian Blues-Fumblyfingers + Skip T. Guitar
Peak in sub-genre #51
Polaris Station-unedited version
New Step
Peak in sub-genre #55
I Can Believe
Peak in sub-genre #56
One Minute on Acid*
Medicine Man
Hi, my name is Skip T. I write music and lyrics, play guitar, sing and do occasional keyboard and persussion. welcome, hope you enjoy the music.
Band/artist history
Started out in bands, played a lot of cover songs. Started writing originals in Taiwan, started recording (on a budget, to put it mildly) when I came back to the U.S.-eventually I made sort of a break with the cover song thing but I still do it sometimes. Id like to get as many of my originals recorded as possible, not so much finished versions for sale but just to hear how the parts sound together. UPDATE: Well it's been quite a while since I added anything to my history. But things have certainly happened. In 2013 I was playing songs at my favorite live club and, the club started a kind of stage revue. At first I said, no way. But I contacted the organizer, they said come and join us. I tried out and the audience was really great. since then I still play but, more often I'm doing our shows-I sing pop and dance music. It's a lot more complicated than it sounds but, anyway it's a paid gig and a lot of fun. We've also branched out into film. We're working on our third independent movie, if we can get around the virus situation.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live in Taipei, the U.S. and here in Tokyo. Absolutely love it, there have been incredible moments on stage as well as some major malfunctions. But Id do it again in a second. I usually try not to support pay-to-play situations, unless its to showcase the band. These days I perform more as a singer, but planning to get back into guitar.
Your musical influences
Many different styles of music, cant choose one. Main influences are hard rock (not metal so much) and jazz, but Ill listen to almost any style of music-its more about finding good sounds rather than good or bad styles-Im not even sure there is such a thing. Of course I listen to guitar music a lot but not always.
What equipment do you use?
I play mostly electric, have several guitars made for the Japan market. My most recent purchase is a Cole Clark electric, made in Melbourne. Ill indicate which guitars were used in the song info. I also have a nylon string classical from the Phillipines and a Seagull flame maple electric-acoustic-havent recorded with that one yet. You can see pictures of my guitars on the Guitar Player magazine Forum. Need to work more on the amp side of things, right now I have a Crate GLX-130 stereo, 65 watts per speaker. Watch your ears!
Anything else?
Other pursuits-Martial arts, travel, technical writing, acting for film and T.V. when the opportunity arises. Might learn a bit of Shamisen if I have time. I have a blast around large groups of people but the most valuable time to me is when I can just hang out in a forest or on a mountain and listen to the wind, or watch the animals play.
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