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Omadeon Trance Renaissance Team
Passion for the Euro (trance)
Peak position #67
Bach Badinerie Insomniac Trance Remake (BWV1067)
Peak position #99
Mikis Trance (Ena to Helidoni) extended
Peak in sub-genre #7
Mikis Theodorakis Tribal Dance
Peak position #88
Holding on to my life (Theodorakis)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Christodoulos Techno (satirical song, year 2000)
is international and has no limits. The "OMADEON" was formed in 2006. Originally it was a one-man-band, then it expanded to a group: (author of this site), (also known in Athens Clubs as ) and his brother ; in cooperation with others, such as DJ and producer , remixing and re-inventing melodies and rhythms to our famous friend's best compositions, turning them into..
Band/artist history
We are a new band, and I don't want to bore you with my personal history (hehe)! Anyway... Anybody who's read (as an... adolescent pass-time, like I did) knows that "personal history" be : -It supresses ! However, if band members want to write anything historical, we'll do it after a in our next meeting.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live (yet), partly because of the nature of our work, done mostly with PCs and a few hardware synths. However, has played live (as a DJ) in several Greek Clubs, during the late nineties, till very recently, while our friend plays almost every week as a DJ accompanying a variety of different Greek bands.
Your musical influences
First of all, I (WinterSwimmer) can mention my own: DJ Tiesto (as a recent trance-star), Robert Miles (as the founder of an innovative stream), Jean Michel Jarre (the GodFather of Electronica), Faithless, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and many others.
What equipment do you use?
Many PCs, equipped with relatively decent sound production cards, as well as some : The is my own preferred , together with a (toy-)Casio CTK-602L, and some other (mostly... worthless -hehe) keyboards, from the late eighties. As a group, we are working more and more with and the (usual) modern technology, but the is an instrument that still , as something completely irreplaceable by software! We also have access to musical equipment (e.g. ) used by DJ Paranoia's brother in a commercial Music Studio, where he works as a Master Remixer.
Anything else?
Well, we do have a vision (at least one): To much Classical Music into , while preserving its . For this reason, I decided to upload in this site some trance remixes of than I expected! :) Last (but not least) I have to admit that some of the music here is incomplete, and it can be improved! However, I decided to include it solely on the basis of and contained in it. An example of such a piece which -nevertheless- contains interesting innovations, is " flooded by (other) work, nowadays, that our band's motto may well become: in .
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