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Gemini Lounge Orchestra
Gemini Lounge Orchestra
This is The Gemini Lounge Orchestra. A Fearsome Crew of Producers, Musicians and Conceptualists. The Gemini Lounge Orchestra came to pass when a void for incidental music arose during the making of Tony Montana's 'Two Years on the Rock' The music from these sessions was then edited down for the Lounge Orchestra's first release More information can be provided on request. sharklor@gmail.com
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
We have no History or Future.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Not in this incarnaton
Your musical influences
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgard Varese, Arnold Shoenberg, Krystoff Penderecki, Mark Simpson, Brian Ferneyhough. Maximalists and new complexers
What equipment do you use?
anything and nothing. There you like that ? a cover of 4.33. that'll be 100 please. half to the John Cage estate I swear. I'm spending the rest on Drugs .oh,oh Mr.Peevily. there's another and another and another. I will need another 300 please. and another, thick and fast 400 now please. Drugs don't buy themselves.
Anything else?
Yes, Never leave home without anything but a .38 and higher. A .22 JUST wont do. but, tell that to Frank Costello. oh. never grow your toenails. Keep them as Liquid. keep all deposits. make spells. stand hands up by a tree on one leg to avoid Tapering . don't put in beards. Gentle Hammer in a tumble dryer. Do not Cement your Head into a Microwave. If you handle your Genitals stay away from Glue and Tabasco. Killer wasps and lightning are the same thing. The world is resolved around Kinetic poles. some so high in Batter, so make like one. tube sock alarm flake illegal in dog fights. ants made illegal in Philippines .bondage pigs should be kept indoors, tied up. A Bull is not a chicken or Mongoose beaner. it is a Bull. what do fleas get. Nebucanazer is not a form of magnum. A slanted pipe is not always adjustable. Free Cocaine Now ! Never set hair on fire, no matter how frizzy. Where is Idi Amin DaDa. when Tripe Butter Foils the Liver Load in half for results. More Progress now. Dead. Risen from the Grave to be anointed Pope. Don't touch Ears. problem with Ears the color green is G. I need souped Funny and a private Army, like Quaddiffffii. Pirates be Pirates AAArrrrr.