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All Around-er- Di-versed musical production. Unique, Adaptive, Confident, Success *Website is up* ApeMadeit.com Any questions contact ApeMade@Apemadeit.com
Dust the Rust By ApeMade
Few of my latest tracks of 2015-2017 can be found to Purchase licences at https://airbit.com/ApeMade Music Composer/Producer/Sound Engineer/Artist/Recorder/Writer Hello Everyone! Im BACK!! Will be loading up many new Tunes soon! Stay tuned 2018! Contact if you need beats! Leased/Exclusive offers/ Customer.. Name use to be "IceyKongProductions" Since I came back from a 4 year or so long break, Ive decided to change my Production name to *"ApeMade"* as my New name. All Instrumentals are "Original" Compositions Mainly years from 2005-2014 Ive created that's showcased on this page. My newest works, will be shown accordingly once I have everything situated. Stay tuned for this year 2018 for some new hot tracks ranging in 10 or more different Genre's ApeMadeMusic.com (COMING SOON)
Band/artist history
ApeMade, is an established Music Producer whos been producing music professionally since 2005. ApeMade's, is constantly expanding it's repertoire, working with talented Artists and Musicians, from a variety of different genres, in finding their right sound and style. Learn more by visiting : www.apemadeit.com/ Come see what ApeMade has to offer! : Visit Soundclick.com/ApeMade - ApeMade's true passion for music Compositions and Production, begun in Mid 2005 of August. Over those years since, his natural ability, had grown instantaneously, into unique sounds, style, ideas, and adapting into most Genre's, staying ahead of the many. - Through experimenting and gaining experience, when realizing, that he was able to naturally envision the final musical results, other musicians could not, sounding apart from the many Music Producers of today. - His greatest assets through music so far, are the skill sets he could combine, into creating many different Genre's, and adapt to fit any Artist/Customer needs, with composing musical sounds being diverse into blending unique of its own. - Since then, he had been expanding services from, "Composing / Production / Mixing / Mastering / Audio Engineering / Sound design / Song Writing / Ghost Writing" / even, recording himself, as a Hip-Hop Artist to experiment, since, the discovery of the passion he holds. - A well rounded Music Composer/Producer, that could effort the whole 9 yards! With the knowledge gained into music production on his own, that achievement was accomplished, with only standing by; Self confidence, influences and through experimenting, to become, one of today's "Top all-around Music Producers". - Making a name for himself, in the local music scenes and with others worldwide. - Whether if he's arranging music or producing it, you can count on ApeMade, to create any musical track compositions he touches, will guarantee to sound spectacular! - If youd like to learn more or schedule a personal meeting with ApeMade, please feel free to get in touch. "The Best and most Beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched! They must felt with the heart" "Successful people keep moving! They make mistakes, but they never quit!" ApeMade
Your musical influences
As for Personal, influences, Shout out to all who had supported and gave real feedback's to inspire me through this experience. You know who you are! Thank YOU! You helped by simple support. Ones Iv'e mentioned above, My Brother Pownda and DreamLogic(CAD) that gave me a chance to discover my self in a way, to hope make use to what to come -The whole industry of music I now understand to accept, doesn't matter the genre's. If It means something to feel and relate to sounds that can change a persons emotional thoughts, then its influenced upon me to hold and put forth an idea for my next compositions.
What equipment do you use?
Propellerhead 3.0/4.0 years 2005-2010 some on 2015.. As of 2015 ish, upgraded to Propellerhead 9.5, jumping from version 4... Impulse Novation In today's digital world and technology, you dont need much gadgets. Its all in the Daw you use, and you the person behind that daw, is what makes Good music, Not the Gadgets and Bling to prove your worth
Anything else?
Please Visit ApeMadeit.com to see what ApeMade has to offer!
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