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Haven Head
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57 Tracks
Haven Head Band,Jim, Sandy, and Mike love music and it is what they do... Blues/ Rock, Excentric Rock Music, Country Rock, Hard Rock,Folk Rock, Folk, Country B
Baby Please Don't Go Live Holland
Peak position #1
Johnny Took The Wrong Road Home
Peak position #2
Human Emotional Mental Garbage
Peak position #4
Mountain Stream
Peak position #2
Peak position #45
Love Is A Terribly Good Thing
Peak in sub-genre #9
7 songs
7 songs
9 songs
Baby Please Don't Go Fractals
HavenHead band came out of our warm water therapy spa company. It seems that all of the staff of Haven Spas, Havenmade.com and spaspecialist.com are seasoned and great musicians, even our reps play music. Haven Head Music is getting some great Reviews! I want to thank you for all your support. As we expand and grow we have now come to be truly on the high end of professional level of quality and the pure creative force of Sandy's lyrics and melodies is just amazing. Heart Be True became number 1 in rock general and #9 in all of rock out of 175,000 tunes, in one day after uploading it. It remains in the top 20 in all of rock and in the top 3 of "rock general" for many weeks now. This is not an accident, it is mature, extremely good music that is soothing to the soul. It is outstanding even with hundreds of thousands of tunes it rises to the top for many weeks. You can't help but to be drawn in to "Heart Be True", Sitting in the Woods", "Own My love" "Baby Come On Home? 35 Miles Down the Road hase been number 1 on the charts, and Flying Down the Mountain has been in the top 10 of Bluegrass for over a year now. If you are not listening to Haven Head music then you are missing out on something really fine. People are telling us that Haven Head music is different that it requires some understanding to get into it. There are sometimes two cross melodies and up to four separate melodies all intertwined. We go from the clean and simple to the extremely complex. If you can focus on this music and get the essence of it, it is difficult to go back and listen to "regular" music. That is what some of our listeners are telling us. Turn up the music and listen to it on a good sound system. Some of the tunes go off the edge on dissonance, but people tell me that the keep listening, because there is something about the way it grabs your mind. Not always but when in the mood. Jim Arjuna ("The Kahuna") Says: This is the music that did not get made in the 60's, 70,s, 80's, and 90's, because we were too busy with the extreme complication of life that we created for ourselves. We all started getting "serious" when we realized that there wasn't much good "new music" out there. I started recording just so I could listen to music that I really love to hear. Like most musicians we play what we love to hear.....we play for the enjoyment of ourselves. Jim has played East Indian instruments and figured out the nature of their music, when Jim was in India, and I found out why this "raga" music is so loved in India. Here is why: It is a type of music that evolved in an ancient culture. Our country is 200 plus years, our country is our culture that we developed. Their music is so much more sophisticated and has transitioned over 6,000 years of culture. So, I started making rock and roll and blues style based upon their system. There are many basic blues style of riffs contained as the foundation, but it is different. In their system, the Key is odd because the base lines are all within two notes and those two noted are the base foundation of many, and I mean many cords and melodies. This unliimits where you can take a tune. The music has so many transitions in it that it sounds like several tunes in one song ,but it always come "home" to let you know you are in the same "place" and the same tune. This is very difficult music to play, like jazz and jazz is not the most popular because of its complexity (People like simple songs in pop music.) because it is remembered emotionally but must include the same "riffs" at least twice and not go too far out so that you can always get back home several times in the tune. In India a "Raga" is a sophisticated "jam session". If you get into this "rock raga" music you will have multiple transitions into what seems like you are going far away from the basic emotion, but you always find a way back to the inner feeling. That feeling or thought is what initiated the tune. Sometimes it goes "way out there" but always comes back for a different sort of contrast. God Bless You all. May you find joy in this crazy world.
Band/artist history
Mike has been playing guitar for about 30 years and it shows. His passion for music is like that of a young child with enthusiasm. This makes playing music with him really fun. Jim Arjuna has been playing guitar and composing for 45 years and affter many years of allowing life to interfer with this passion, decided to put it as the number one priority. Sandy Arjuna plays guitar and is a poet and writes the lyrics of HavenHead because she loves to sing, and when you hear her vocals you will understand. She makes the songs fit and have life. Sandy started playing when she was 12 years old.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We play parties and for groups. If you want us for a concert contact management. We are planning a tour across the country to play at small venues to begin with.
Your musical influences
We play our own genre. It is a mix and morph of all the music we like to listen to, and it becomes it's own genre. We put some songs in Bluegrass, but they are a cross between blues and bluegrass with acoustic rock. We feel that country genre is "the people's music" in the US.
What equipment do you use?
Gruver Apache Electric, Gruver Chippewa, Gruver Shawnee Electric Guitar, Gruver Creed Acoustic, Gruver Raritan Acustic, Fender American Strat, Fender Mex strat, Gruver Tube AMP, Gruver Durango Guitar, Fender Amps, Acoustic Fender with pickup, and Sheckter Electric Acoutstic,with pick up. Yamaha Keyboard, VOX AMP. Epiphone Amp, Ampeg Amp.Studio sound equipment and computer recording equipment. Effects boxes.
Anything else?
Professional and non professional musicians rate Haven Head music: "James, yeah, Baby come Home could be the opening soundtrack in a Quinten Tarintino movie, pretty neat! I'll give it 4 fat stars. :)" . "Ha Ha!! I ain't gonna put up with *******s anymore! I love that drop d sound and the harmonies that happen with the other guitar." Majorminor "Hey there!, got some cool sounds here - really like the tone at the begining of "Baby Come Home" Dad "Very interesting sounds. I am a pedal freak so I like the sounds. Reminds me of the old Hot Tuna days when Jorma got some great sounds" Johnnyboots "Thanks for your kind words. It is players like you though, who have paved the way for the young kids trying to figure out the blues. Keep bluesin'" 19 year old excellent blues guitarist. "JM - I appreciate you puttin' your tunes up. Just got done listenin to them again. Something I could listen to all day. Ken Benjamin" "Yeah, old age and tenacity will beat youthful exuberance anyday. I hope I'm still rockin' like that @ 59. You certainly don't sound like everyone else! And I mean that in a good way." Super_Dave "I just finished listening to "Love Is A Terribly Good Thing". Cool..different, it reminds me of something jammed from the 60's but with some modern influence." Lburrows "I like some of the harmonies and that energy that happens on "Love is", particularly towards the end of the tune, and I'm still hooked into some of the other great tones you are getting on the other tunes. I was thinking of Krishna and Arjuna. I think the first syllable is accented and it is a first name. keep on exploring!" Majorminor "hey marijuana I'm diggin you stuff ! it makes me wanna break out my best chris cornell vocals and go for it!. fav track would have to be 35 miles down the road. Viking" "35 miles and Find the Waters get my votes. Nice space. Great sounds. Is that a half opened wah on find the waters? majorminor" "jimarjuna, you've got a style all your own - and I don't mean that in a negative way. There is a great deal of layering, combined with the effect usage, that it will take more than a few listens to hear everything that's going on. You can make the dissonant stuff work because it's part of your bag, usually I get turned off when it's overdone, but for some reason you kept me hooked! Find the Waters of Your Soul reminded me of a western flick for some reason...and I could hear 35 Miles Down the Road as a perfect piece in a movie I saw "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada". It's like a Neil Young/jam band/lo-fi/modern/garage band mix - if that makes any sense!" Nervous_data "Hi Jim, Thanks for stopping by & the compliment. Your stuff brings me back to the "Iron buttrfly" era, "Ahh,The Good Ole Day's" "Like it,keep it up"!" Jeff W "Sorry for not listening sooner. I just got home from work partner. You have a very unique way of composing your style. It is indeed very original and fresh. I can sit here all day long listening to your music, it is refreshing." CROSS "I used to play slide on acuostic guitar often" Ahh... that's what I heard then. Wasn't your first experience with that sort of sound. I really like the song. I've listened to some great music in the few days I've been on this site, but there's actually very little that gets INVALID 35 Miles" I think we're all sort of trapped into thinking we need a full drumset sound in our music. And drummers are such pricks! (he said, only halfway joking). I think that African drum idea rocks!" Fishgrease band. "Wow Jim! Just awesome! The lyrics (Walkin Dead Man) are powerful and very real. What a great chorus! 5 banger all the way. Chop said Country Joe but it's just as strong as Dylan. Some of the verse may be topical as Dylan had a way of stripping time reference away from his lyrics but those things you are singing about still go on today and on this forum!" "Jim, is part of 35 Miles Down The Road on acoustic? Reminded me a lot of real blues. I mean like Blind Willie Johnson and even Robert Johnson. It's got that kind of soul to it and there's no substitute for soul."