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jeff w godin
jeff w godin
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Electronica, experimental, hip hop, sound track, poetry.
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Echoes In Your Head
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Rain & Thunder
Had I Known ( Elegant Wipe-Out Remix )
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Mental Illness
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I am mainly a singer/ song writer/ guitar player, but recently I have gotten into this electronic music thing due to being on the road way too long & having no guitars, only a laptop.
Band/artist history
I made a whole whack of album length demos which are still on casette in my locker, there are about 5 or more. I did one soundtrack for an indy film called Coil, & they used someone else's music cuz I didn't hand mine in on time, & I was never told exactly what the director wanted so it was all over the place. Now after years of doing virtually nothing, only writing the odd song here & there, I have started into the electronic music. The reason is stated somewhere else on here I think. I have a new album or cd's worth of music 30+ pieces ranging from 30 secs, to over 8 minutes, covering everything from rock, to classical, to hip hop & beyond.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I used to go to jams around cowtown (Calgary)I got on stage with many local artists. My favourites were the blues guys. They'd drag me onstage with them & we'd tackle something I just wrote a half hour ago. My favourite moment was when I was onstage with Don Johnson (former Grammy winner from the 70's, I think), Tim Williams, Suitcase James, I forget his name now, but he was this wicked organ player... Ron Casat & we were playing one of my songs. Anyhow we had finished it, or so I thought, & I gave the signal to end it I thought, but on & on they went so I had to start improvising it was scary, but fun.
Your musical influences
I love everything, my main influences are Motley Crue, David Bowie, Cheryl Crowe, Steve Earle, U2, Maddona, Nelly Furtado, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, Moby, etc..
What equipment do you use?
Compaq Presario V2000 laptop with an AMD Turion 64 bit processor. Various music programs, Sony Acid Music Studio 6.0, Magix Music Maker 2004 Deluxe, Dance Evolution 6, etc.. When I used to play guitar it was a dobro, acoustic guitar, electic guitar, harmonica, percussion, & whatever instrument was lying around or that I could borrow.
Anything else?
Oh & for lyrics I am a poet & I have over 12,000 poems I have written over the past 15 or so years so there is no shortage of topics in songs. I think I have atleast 500 songs, already written just needing some music to be set too, okay I'll be conservative & say a few hundred, that sounds a little more realistic. Drop me a line if you need someone to write lyrics, or if you wanna' collaborate or whatever.
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