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chuck l gee
chuck l gee
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NAILD music has been called Intense. It is a mixture of old school metal with an awesome modern metal sound without the screeching vocals. It can be compared to Metallica but heavier. The band packs a two guitar attack punch and both guitarists are quite capable of holding their own but when they hit together it is a force worth reckoning with. Theyre Solid, like a brick wall. These guys arent beginners. They play like a well oiled machine..
Band/artist history
Everyone in the band (Julio Wallace, Greg Burnette, Chuck Gee, and John Dyer) is from the great State of Kentucky. We brought you Johnny Depp, Grand Pa Jones, and a couple of NASCAR drivers....Three of the members that are in NAILD once played together in the Christian Rock Band HolyCross. We toured all over the Midwest for several years and had released two studio albums and a third live unplugged album. HolyCross, like most bands eventually do, crashed and burned in 2003 and three of us decided we werent ready to quit playing just because someone else was, so we backed up, regrouped, and went in a direction that we wanted to go.(Musically speaking) We wanted to play Metal the way it is supposed to be played. Loud with killer riffs and guitar solos..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play over the road and are availalbe for shows, give us a holler back!!!
Your musical influences
We came up in the era when Metal bands ruled the world. Bands like Metallica, KISS, Iron Maiden, Dio, Rush, JUDAS PRIEST,Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, just to name a few. We honed our teeth in local bands that played that type of music. What we try to do is combine our musical history with todays Metal Sound and so far it seems to be working. We are getting a lot of feedback from our friends and fans that say we are on the right track.
What equipment do you use?
NAILD is available to play anywhere from a Club setting, to a coffee house, to arenas. Either as an opening or closing act... While in HolyCross the band played shows in front of 100 to 8000 people...so no stage fright from these boys. The guys in NAILD are totally professional so you wont find any Rock Star attitudes here to have to deal with. They will gladly share the billing with anyone, but when they take to the stage the music becomes serious business. Stand by for a great rock show from guys who now how to put one on.
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