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Eclectic and melodic widescreen instrumental electronica. Influences: IDM, Ambient, Electronic music in general, lots of other stuff
Northcape is a self-taught producer making eclectic and melodic instrumental electronica, ambient and IDM, influenced by a variety of different musical styles, and has been making music for over 10 years. Over time Northcape has evolved a distinctive, melodic, chilled and personal sound. The songs are written in a very intuitive way, and its more about trying to capture a feeling than fitting into any particular musical genre. There are no premade loops here- all the music is Northcape's own. Following a unique self-released album 'Detach' (most of the tracks for which were first trialled on soundclick) Northcape has had well-recieved EP releases on Monotonik and Elpa, and the latest, critically-acclaimed full-length album 'Captured From Static' is available on Sun Sea Sky productions (http://www.sunseasky.com) and distributed through nm5d mail order as well as the main digital retailers. To show your support, please join the . This will be used only for new NC releases! You will also get FREE downloads of northcape tracks at higher quality 192kps mp3, including some of Northcape's best so far.
Band/artist history
Northcape is the ongoing work of a British artist who made his first attempts at composing music a while ago. It is always evolving -while retaining influences from 90s dance and indie music, recent tracks show a strong IDM and ambient influence.
Your musical influences
Boards of Canada, Air, U2, Doves, PNFA, Japanese Seizure Robots, Ulrich Schnauss, IDM, Ambient, Electronica
Anything else?
"...I feel like I can insulate myself from the Tokyo hubbub...Thanks North cape music." jun (Listen to )
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