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We were invited to several concerts and festivals in Uruguay and internationally, between the years 1999 and 2001 with bands like Hammerfall, Yngwie Malmsteen,
In 1986 I (HEBER W.HAMMER) formed my first band (MELKOR MORGOTH). Those first steps were indeed the "avant-garde" in the Uruguayan extreme metal music scene; we were the first band performing Heavy Metal in english language in Uruguay. We received good reviews from a lot of latin and european magazines and fanzines. When I was seventeen years old, I formed another band called INNER SANCTUM, together with the former drummer of M.M. and the ex Angkor Vat Pablo Van Lagat in bass and vocals. INNER SANCTUM were considered heralds of the Uruguayan Metal music. This was the first band in the country to sign a contract for an international label to record a LP in a newer format, the CD. We played in a lot of countries with this band, in places like the Manuel Plaza Stadium (Chile), Obras Sanitarias, Nacaulpan Arena (Mexico), Teatro de Verano (Uruguay), etc. The first I.S. cd was released in the early 90's in my country, later was released or available in other countries like Chile, Brazil, Germany, etc. After several years of composing this kind of extreme music, and having reached certain success abroad, I tried to move on a different direction, closer to my roots. And after five years auditioning musicians, LEGEND was born, We performed live for the first time, on 26th June 1999 with a certain success. After this concert, the band performed in several shows in Montevideo with Brazilian and Argentinian bands, with a great response from the audience and media. This same year, we recorded our first demo. The response to this demo was good, and lead us to being played in more stations and programs. In the year 2000 LEGEND was voted "Best New Band" in a readers poll of Alto Voltaje (High Voltage), the most important rock magazine at that time, and I was voted "Best Uruguayan Guitarist of the century". The hard work was paying off, and we were invited to several concerts and festivals in Uruguay and internationally, between the years 1999 and 2001 with bands like Hammerfall, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rhapsody, Symphony X, Nightwish, Lorihen, Horcas, Rata Blanca, Elmer, Steel Lord, El Reloj, among others.. I was also invited to teach master classes in the two main music academies in Uruguay on behalf of Mr. Alvaro Pereyra (YAMAHA MUSIC SCHOOL) and Mr.Gustavo Huertas (TODOMUSICA MUSIC SCHOOL). By mid-year 2001, I began teaching in the now extinct Uruguayan Multidisciplinary Music School, together with top musicians like Josï Luis Pïrez (Donna Summer, Jon Anderson, etc). I was also invited to take part in the homage to Josï Luis Pïrez in the Concert Hall Zitarrosa, one of the more important ones in Montevideo. At the 2002 I started the production of the first CD with this band. I've been working hard on this cd, I really want to finish the cd as soon as possible and bring the band back to perform live with a different line-up this same year. I'm also working right now the second cd of INNER SANCTUM. Teaching guitar in Montevideo (Uruguay) and working in new things for the 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I LOVE BEING ON STAGE, PLAYING LIVE!!! I lived a LOT of special moments...
Your musical influences
The Power Of Full Shredd...haha ;)
What equipment do you use?
XXX Guitars, Bird's eye maple neck, royal ebony (fretboard) Custom made pickups (customdesign@mail.com). Giannini Strings (0.12) Custom made guitar picks 1.15
Anything else?
My e-mail is gtrxtc777@gmail.com, drop me a line or post a comment and let me know about you!!! Thanks!!!