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Dave Keat Project
Dave Keat Project
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The Dave Keat Project is David Keat (guitar and vocals) and Beat Neurohr (flute). The music takes its cues from Folk, Rock, Blues and Jazz and it is this unique
Love Comes and Goes
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Sammy the Chimneysweep
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Matchsticks on the Water
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The Dave Keat Project is Dave Keat (guitar and vocals) and Beat Neurohr (flute). The DKP's music is hand made: a melding of wood and steel and two musical imaginations. DKP's sound takes its cues from folk, jazz, blues and rock, whereby these elements are seen to meld into something new. It is a unique sound where the marriage of guitar and flute creates music that is truly out of the ordinary. A quality not readily defined. It is this "something special", coupled with superb musicianship that makes DKP exceptional. The DKP repertoire consists of original material written by Dave as well as the classic tunes of artists like Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Martyn, Cat Stevens, Steven Stills and James Taylor (see repertoire). DKP's music has a universal appeal and their concerts are events that reach out to the audience encouraging participation and above all communication.
Band/artist history
Dave's been playing out of love for music ever since the age of thirteen. Professionally and semi-professionally since the age of 22. Unfortunately or fortunately he is now 54. The alternative to aging didn't appeal to him. He spent 5 years during the '70s in West Berlin playing the great clubs like the "GO IN", "Folk Pub", "Steve Club" and so on. Berlin was a crazy place to be in those days. And at that young and tender age... Also during his time in Berlin he worked with other musicians as a studio guitarist recording their music. Dave was first under contract to Hansa International (today Sony-BMG) and recorded a single for them which flopped utterly. Then he recorded an album of "Persian American Rhythm and Blues" with the Persian dombac master Mohammad Tahmasebi. That was with "Stockfisch Records". It was never expected to sell a lot and didn't disappoint in that regard. But it was fun. Dave has lived in Switzerland since 1980 and has worked consistently since then, albeit at times semi-professionally. "I met Beat Neurohr around 1980, but never hooked up with him musically until 2006. God knows why. He is so great. I just never noticed." So there you go.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sure. Whenever people are willing to put up with us. We play mostly in Switzerland, but one of these days we will probably tour Europe. We love every minute of it. Special moments? I think that would be the time we showed up for a gig and the sound engineer was wearing two hearing aids. That was interesting.
Your musical influences
The Beatles, John Martyn, James Taylor, CSN, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and others.
What equipment do you use?
Dave plays Taylor Guitars exclusively.
Anything else?
We are truly a project. As we meet talented and interested individuals we will expand and grow both in personnel and in musical bandwidth. Hope you come along for the ride!
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