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Golgotha Outlaws
Golgotha Outlaws
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Modern Electronica drawing froma wide variety of dance music genres both past and present. Never affraid to try a new idea and always on hand to provide a remi
The Golgotha Outlaws are the culmination of a number of pervious projetcs. Previously working under the name of Utopian Future and also remixing under the name of Gordon Boss. The music is primarily electronic and heavily influenced by a Uk Oldschool hardcore, Drum N Bass, Trance, House and Jazz. Mix it all in a pot and you'll be getting somewhere close. The 'Outlaws back catalogue of 3 studio albums and a number of EPs are now re-released as part of a new deal with . Gordon Boss has also been commissioned for remixes by artists such as Katy Perry, Jay-Z and Paramore. As soundclick don't allow remixes for copyright reasons, you can hear the remixing tallents of Gordon Boss at www.soundcloud.com/jailrecordings and also download them FREE from the SHOW ME SOME LOVE BABY...
Band/artist history
Initially, learning keyboards at school, studying technical music at college and then completing a degree in film production (focussing on pop music video production) There's been plenty of eduction involved all the way. I've always been one to push boundaries and look for subversions to the expected generic conventions and eventually these started to team up with the hardware and technical knowledge to create a distinct way of working and some instantly identifiable musical signatures. The start of it all was forming a loose working collective at university that would, in time, morph into 'Utopian Future'. As the lead of this collective I played a number of gigs in and around university and really began to write music that fitted the clubs and venues that we were playing. After Uni, Utopian Future had a fair line up change as most of the friends from then fell by the wayside. The musical style became a little more commercial too. This coincided with getting my first job and having the funds available to invest in serious synth hardware and some decent computer software. As the collective changed over time it seemed fitting to draw a line and declare a fresh start. Golgotha Outlaws was born. Primarily it became a solo project, looking to collaborate with a wide variety of other artists but with just me as the permanent member. Some other contributors have been around for an album or so but they come and go. In early 2010, Golgotha Outlaws signed to Jail Recordings for new material and also for re-publishing the existing back catalog. So times are good right now. Who knows what the future holds for the 'Outlaws? But it sure looks good from here...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Used to play live at uni, long time ago now. Having a whole crowd with you when you're playing your own material is a serious rush. Cant beat it. Done some Djing and club nights more recently. As a rule of thumb whenever I'm writing a song the live performance element is always at the back of my mind. The whole down side to electronica is that its so easy to write stuff that cant be played live. I really dont like that. Music is a rush that needs to be spontaneous. Golgotha Outlaws / Gordon Boss are always looking for gigs / club nights to play
Your musical influences
Oldschool Hardcore, Chicago House, Acid House, Hard House, Goa Trance, Inner City, DJ Slipmatt, Ratpack, drum n bass, trance, paul van dyk, chemical bothers, sl2, Shamen, Mr C, Evil Eddie Richards, Dj Scoobie, Ratpack, 4 Hero, Carl Cox, Infected Mushroom
What equipment do you use?
Roland EG101 Korg Microkorg Yamaha PSS51 Yamaha PSS680 Yamaha PSS460 Yamaha PSR420 Midipro MX1 EMU X-Board 2x Macbook Pro 2.66Ghz i7, 8Gb Ram 500Gb, 7200RPM HDD & 1x 21.5" Imac 3.06Ghz, 6Gb Ram, 500Gb HDD Logic 9 Studio + Various additional Synth Plugins
Anything else?
I write music for me, its my life. I never feel offended if you dont like hat I've written - taste is subjective and I have written some crap in my time. I like feedback though. Tell me why you like / dont like my work and it helps me get new ideas.
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