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Ashique M Fahim
Ashique M Fahim
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I am an Instrumental Rock Guitarist from Dhaka. If you like honest, pure and passionate music with great guitar melodies as well as technique, you may like me!
A 21st Century Love Affair
Ashique M Fahim picked up the guitar at the age 14, a relatively late age to start learning the instrument needing total devotion. However, he was quick to pick up from his early teachers, local guitar heroes Mr. Balam and Mr. Masud at the Triad Guitar School. After 6 months of basic lessons, he decided to learn on his own. Since then the pursuit has never stopped for any stretch of time. Fahim tried to learn from anything and everything - books, cds, the internet, friends who played the guitar. He was totally immersed in guitardom and his hunger for knowledge kept on growing as much as he learned. Since then he has been in several bands, starting with Shock - a heavy metal outfit; and Bloodlust - the pioneer death metal band in Bangladesh. Both these bands were pioneers in the art of home recording back in 1998-99 when very few, if anyone, has heard of the term in Bangladesh. Bloodlust released an independent EP in a local music store, which to this day is sought by extreme metal collectors. Shock also released a master piece named Mystified pt 1: The Frustration Creeps In in a CD released with a metal festival concert. However, both these bands became dormant after key members went abroad to pursue higher studies. In 2003, Fahim joined a mainstream pop/rock band named Nirjhor, which went on to release their debut album in 2006. The album received fairly good reviews. However, due to artistic differences, Fahim quit Nirjhor in 2007. In 2008, Shock was reformed with the founder members Saif, Fahim and Emran. They are currently recording their debut album named Juddho Gatha, which should be out in 2009. Parallely, Fahim is also slowly making his mark as an instrumental guitarist. His debut solo instrumental Movin On was released in a compilation rock album and received favorable reviews. Fahim is now trying to put his band together to perform his instrumentals live and hopefully a record deal soon
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I live to play live. The stage is where i am most alive and in blissful heaven. I usually play in small clubs/ restaurants and anywhere i am invited.
Your musical influences
Joe Satriani first and foremost, Paul Gilbert is a close second. Often there are blinding flashes of Mr. Steve Vai here and there. And Timmons is always there somewhere in the mix.
What equipment do you use?
Jackson Dinky DK2M, Jackson Dinky MGT, Line 6 POD XT Live, Roland Cube 15x Amplifier
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