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Mad Diction
Mad Diction
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Mad Diction, a/k/a Steve, is a 32 year old solo Emcee, who grew up in Decatur, IL. Hung out in the Robert Taylor housing projects on the south side of Chi, and now lives in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. Mad is currently working on his CD. Most of the recordings on this site are from 1998-2000, and are rough demo's.
Band/artist history
Mad Diction, a/k/a Steve, is a 32 year old solo Emcee, who grew up in Decatur, IL. His first love of music was that of P-Funk and Funkadelic. He later discovered hip-hop in 1981, at the early age of eight while listening to cassettes he had dubbed. He would listen to distorted cassette tapes that had been dubbed a dozen times, and memorize the lyrics. Some of the artists he respected were, Whodini, Egyptian Lover, Africabambata, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, UTFO, and Newcleus, just to name a few. Later he began to listen to a second generation of Emcees such as, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Steady B, BDP, Erick B. & Rakim, 2 Live crew, The Beastie Boys, The Gucci Crew, M4-sers, Heavy D, and Big Daddy Kane. Every weekend he would listen to the local college radio station, WJMU, or he would hit up the Sunday Night Rap Attack at Great Skates Roller Rink. He was even fortunate enough to see Roxanne Shante live in concert when she came to Decatur. In 1985 Steve entered the 7th grade. As he entered into junior high, he had developed his beat-box to perfection. Everyday at lunch-time, the Emcees would gather in the men's restroom for the acoustics, and Steve would be in one crew, and the other top notch beat-box, Chauncey Douglas, would be with the opposition. It became an addiction, watching the Emcees rip each other apart, but Steve wanted to do more than just hit beats. He wanted to be in there battling with the other rappers. That's when he made up his mind to write his first rhyme. He started sporting the flyest gear he could afford with the money he earned from canvassing for the Decatur Herald & Review. Gotcha shirts, Bugle Boy pants, Swatch watches, British Knight sneakers, and Polo cologne, thanks to Slick Rick, and he even sported the signature Mike D. VW hood ornament on a silver chain. Steve then took on his first Emcee name, " MC Steve D" It sounds laughable now, but back then he thought he was big pimpin. Steve's first live performance outside of the school was at a teen club called PJ's. He and his close friend Markus Coleman had a routine planned. Markus would do the beat-box, and Steve would kick the flow. However, as it turned out, the club had only one mic, and the DJ, Rico, offered no instrumental. So Steve had to kick an 'a cappella' which sounded horrifying. This club held two hundred and fifty people, and it was packed. Needless to say he was booed by most everyone. Those who were close friends gave applause and support regardless. Steve wasn't too upset. He was proud that he had the balls to go on stage and bust his little flow, him being a caucasian and all. Except for the Beastie Boys who had just jumped on the scene, there were no white rappers!! Steve moved closer to Chicago, where he and his partner in rhyme ED 'Estatik' Ramirez, did a lot of freestyle shit. It was at this time Steve met some other influential people who are now considered close friends. George Taylor put Steve in touch with Sergio 'Mixican' Salazar, and they would often do jam sessions in Sergio's room, or in Rick Simpkins Basement. When Steve wasn't out doin dirt with his best friend Ron, he eventually learned to use the computer as a studio, and later started networking with other Emcees he had met online. (Verbal Smackdown & KyDK) It's been many years since he began rapping. He has since been in many rap contests, and he had never walked out without a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Steve recently moved to a suberb of Detroit and as soon as he got there he started looking for the lime-light. After much perseverance, he qualified to be in a radio freestyle battle on 95.5 FM, Detroit. After just ONE bar, Steve was stopped by the judge who made the allegation that Mad Diction was not flowing off the top. Steve was quoted as saying, "BULLSHIT!, My delivery was just too damn hot for them, and they probably really believed it was written, so I dissed the judge for hatin, and was out. But now when I think about it, it was the biggest compliment anyone ever gave me." That was in April, 2003 on the Buckhead show. Mad Diction is still freestyling, writing rhymes,and making beats in Detroit. The music on this site is free to download. It was all produced by Mad Diction himself, using a DR-5 Drum Machine, a cheap ass mic, and Cool Edit Pro, way back in 1998 to 2000. Steve has been honing his skills for almost 16 years now, and he has grown as an Emcee, as well as a person. He no longer does 'internet disses'. He would rather focus his time and energy working on his CD. It is safe to say that his new material will definitely be more mature and sophisticated. Take a listen to the old demo ish, but come back soon. Mad Diction is currently working on his CD, and this time it's not 'practice'.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to cypha. If you live in the U.S. I'll bust frees with you on the phone all day, just e mail me your math. mad_diction@hotmail.com
Your musical influences
R&B, JAZZ, P-Funk, Funkadelic, All Underground Hip Hop Emcees like: JUICE, Apathy, Celph Tilted, 4th Pyramid, Percee-P, C- Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin, mc chris, Ras Kass, Pumpkinhead, 9th Wonder, Tonedeff, Substantial, PackFM, iCON The Mic King, Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Rok One, E.C. ILLa, Vakill, Mad Skillz, Danja Mowf, Rise, Cunninlynguists,
What equipment do you use?
I used a BOSS DR-5 Drum Machine, Samples, Cool Edit Pro, Turntables, Vinyl, and other random items.
Anything else?
Shouts out to Darren Lyon, Nayibe Valverde, KyD K, Anthony 'Ant-Dawg' Long, Sergio 'Mixican' Salazar, George 'Geo T' Taylor, G 'SPOT' Money, Lucian Bradley, Ed 'Estatik' Ramirez, Ron Hunter Jr. RIP!, Dayvette, My man Eric, Genopsyde, Ko-Kane, Dygi-Steve, the rest of the old #Smoked_Out possie, S. State & 40th (40 STRONG!), and anyone else I forgot. Y'all are the iLLest. Thank you all for your support. God is good!
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