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Retrograde Pop
Retrograde Pop
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pop, classic rock, old pop, beatles
Cold Prima Donna Man
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It Was Only Yesterday
If You Should Love Me
Priscilla Andrews
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I wrote songs like a madman. In one year, when I was 16, I produced 11 albums worth of material. During the 6 year period between my 16th and 21rst year, I produced approximately 700 songs. I have a hard time believing that figure myself, but at one point in my early twenties I counted them up and it came out to something close to that figure. Since Ive long since lost all the recordings and most of the written documentation, I cant go back and check the figures any longer. Now, admittedly, much of the material was terrible. It had to be; I started writing with a guitar in hand before I knew how to play chords! In fact, the first four albums were all noise, some of it very interesting noise at least we thought so. I say we because I wasnt working alone; my best friend Steve MacKay was my partner in musical crime. Our band was called Garbage and that pretty much says it all. an, I knew every nuance of sound on those early tapes intimately well, because I listened to them endlessly. The first track we recorded was called Toilet Symphony. It had three principal parts. The first involved these soaring electronic sound effects we had recorded at The Ontario Science Centre; the second part involved sounds and music speeded up four or five times, so that it sounded like flickering tingles on a wind chime. The final portion was a native choral group chanting. You can see why that track -and indeed most of those tracks - are not now reproducible, since the cassettes on which they were recorded are long ago lost. I have thought of trying, but I suspect, you wouldnt thank me if I DID reproduce them! et, somewhere at about the half way mark of that first year, we began producing some very interesting music, primarily because Steve was a good musician and we were both restlessly creative. Soon enough I learned to play rhythm and from that point on the songs came on a nearly daily basis. If I didnt write at least three or four songs a week I wondered what was wrong with me. I wrote on banjo, ukulele, piano, and guitar mostly guitar and mostly: I wrote. At the current time, there are a number of the songs from that era already on my other page, at Here is the list: (minus the current last verse) (some lyrical change, due to memory lapse) (with some lyrical differences)(which became Middle-Aged Love Song, with lyrical additions)(A version of which I wrote in my teens)(with lyrical differences and minus the piano refrain) (with lyrical differences)or those of you who know my music, you will recognize that these are some pretty strong tunes, in my opinion. With some of these, I will do re-recordings, since Soundclick wont let me transfer the tunes and keep their play tally intact, and also since the originals were frequently different. But thats not the main deal, thats just a start. he songs Ive already lifted from that era are only a tiny sampling of what I produced in my teens. In one of my journals, I found a list of hundreds of the song titles from that time period. As I read through the list, about 1 in 4 rang a bell. About 1 in 15 triggered the tune and some of the lyrics. I began to long to record some of those tunes. Thats what this page is about. Recovered treasure ha! As Im writing this, I remember that one of our songs this one Steves not mine was called Gems in the Mud. Yeah, among all of the muck of those tunes, there were some real gems. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you agree.
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