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1 Less Stone
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Contemporary Christian Music, 4 Him, Phillips Craig Dean, newsboys, music production, studio recording
Sing Hallelujah (Christ Is Born of Mary)
Peak position #21
The Best Is Yet To Come
Peak position #22
Dwelling Place
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Beautiful Scars
Peak position #15
You Gave Everything
Peak position #53
Only You
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Chief Of Sinners
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1 Less Stone is Dave & Tami Smith, a husband and wife team from the Houston Texas area. Our music can be somewhat hard to pinpoint; a mix of elements of rock, pop, and electronic which is comparable to the styles of Mercy Me, 4 Him, Phillips Craig & Dean, the Newsboys, Peter Gabriel, Crowded House, Thomas Dolby...a wide variety indeed! All of the songs that we wrote and own the copyrights to are avaiable as free downloads. God has blessed us with these songs and we want you to have them. If you feel led to donate something for any music you download, let us know by contacting us through our email link. We do ask that our music not be mass distributed or copied without our permission. 1 Less Stone also produces custom song tracks for songwriters. Are you a songwriter that needs a song recorded? We can do it! Anything from simple to complete music productions...Let us handle it for you. Our prices are certainly not bad and we take great pride in the quality of our work.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. We are looking to book some dates in the near future. We perform at churches, missions, prisons...wherever and whenever God leads.
Your musical influences
4 Him, Phillips Craig & Dean, Watermark, Jeremy Camp, delirious!, and many others too numerous to name.
What equipment do you use?
Various guitars and basses, Roland Fantom X keyboards (our favorite), Korg MS-2000, Sonar Producer, Sony Acid Pro, Sony Sound Forge, lots of software synths and recording applications.
Anything else?
Special thanks to: Anthony Sapp - The best bass player on the planet and one fantastic arranger. Thanks for all the late night sessions and for being one of the coolest and nicest persons we know. We owe you! Joel Endicott - For the use of your great photographs. You gotta see his website. It is awe-inspiring! www.jsendicott.com Thanks for the great arranging and producing talents on "Chief of Sinners"! Roycie George - Most of all, for being our good buddy. Thanks for dragging some of your keyboards over when we need them. Fred Shetz - You're one nice top notch guy and a certified walking brain. Oh, the producing, mixing, and engineering are also amazing. Tim Hunter - Thanks for the great drum tracks. It's a real pleasure to work with you, my friend. Eva Wilson - Love your lyrics! Hope to work with you a lot more! Pastors Heard, Kieschnick, Heintz, and Schmidt - You have inspired quite a few songs unawares. Our families - Who support us, no matter what.
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