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Arainia (US)
Arainia (US)
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Romance and ecstasy in the form of melodic ear candy and feel-good vibe. Romantic, heady, beautiful harmony...Kayaz and Arainia capture the very essence of love
I am a Punk at heart...the rebel in me will never die! I do shit I'm not "supposed" to do, was trained to act like a lady but know much more than a lady should. I ask too many questions, don't tell enough lies and follow wherever my gut takes me. Life is a big amusement ride and I scalped my tickets off of the clown outside, ensuring a sideline view without getting stuck in the quagmire of illusions. I love all genres of music...those that soothe the soul, and the music that gets you up and MOVIN! ...BUT I am sooooo in love with Hip-Hop! It feels good to my being like no other kind of music...mmmm-hm. Music is swimming in my blood and bones; I am so saturated with it. As a young girl living directly behind a cemetery, song became my means of personal protection. It also became my favorite emotional and expressive outlet. I love improvising with existing songs, creating my own little impromptu remixes and knitting my own emotions into a melody. I ritually sing in the shower and substitute the infamous whistle with singing, while going about my daily routine. I'm so tiny, (5'0" exactly!) that I've always been relegated to "cute" (Oh...look how 'cute' she is!) But don't be fooled, cause I pack one hell of a PUNCH! I did a lot of performing as a kid, dance troupes with a couple different styles, talent shows, choir and the like. I used to perform on my long-ass driveway, attracting quite the gaggle of onlookers. It made me high. I had every move down and didn't want the music to stop...nor-it would seem-did they! I was born performing. Life is FULL of rich stimulus that continually inspires me, and I hope you will hang out awhile to watch the evolution in motion...
Band/artist history
I have been making my music available for a little over a year now, and have a few collaborations under my belt, with talented artists such as RoleModelsFrommHell and The Medication Age. Really, I'm just a girl who likes to use her pipes, and thoroughly enjoys the making of the music. I love playing with words, and have finally found a way to put my thoughts to hard copy. Don't be too quick to think you know what I'm about, though...because this is just the tip of the iceberg! Just recently, Bill The Kat--who is not only an awesomely talented emerging artist and my biggest source of inspiration, but also the King in my life--has allowed me to post his latest creation as well...an uptempo, high-vibe hip hop instrumental that'll leave you with a good taste in your mouth and make you wanna ! So what are we waiting for? lemme wet my lips and we can get started...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only at home...so far.
Your musical influences
dance music, lil kim, madonna, trina, black buddafly, gwen stefani, shifty, electronica, hip hop, beyonce, pop, christina aguilera, britney spears, r&b, blues, ludacris, 50 cent, lil wayne, bubba sparxx, chris brown, sean paul...
What equipment do you use?
home computer electronics...am learing to play the drums, guitar, keyboards...
Anything else?
I hope you enjoy my creations...listen with an open ear, and let me know what you think.
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