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ELKANA Elevations Lyricisms Keystone Acts Natural Alpha Yashar Dawg (FRANK_UK) Rap & Hip-Hop... Mellow Electronic Fusion Grooves -- Alternative & Indie
ELKANA IS INDEPENDENT AND FREE FROM ILLUMINATI CONTROL PLUS SUBSISTENCE!!! --- (Lo-Fi, Low-Key & Low Budget.) The live performances and performance recordings have been mixed and mastered in a digital home studio using Cubase and Pinnacle software. ELKANA Elevations Lyricisms Keystone Acts Natural Alpha [Yashar Dawg] (FRANK_UK) the rapper was born Bath City (North East - Near Bristol - BANES) Avon and Somerset, United Kingdom. Born on the Christian Feast Day of Saints, 17th June 1976 and he had a near fatal accident when barely 5 years old which left him scarred from head to hand on his left side. He owns and self-manages his performance material at an independent recordings web label registered with PPL, Sincere. The self-employed individual, representative and performer registered to, PAMRA. pamra & ukps... ppl & vpl... I stand up against corruption and dont promote bullying, exploitation and terrorism. I am not a gangster, pimp nor involved in neglect and or abuse of any kind. My humanitarian challenge addresses the ultimate importance of war and the inviolability of lifes immediate meaning through the messages of my frankly raps explicit and decent criticisms that verily represent via performance art digital media. I am sanctified in sincerity for the sake of Rap and Hip-Hops sanctity. It is all but in the ability of my mind and bodys rhyming achievements to keep it real and be making it happen for peace. Elkana is my Hebrew name for Frank and in godly purpose it is also a ill decree to my faiths creed. "Okay, issues over how I inveigh as a gun head (ASININE - My head doesn't really!) are due to the sole purpose of a cease fire with everybody on Earth taking on a basic attitude of peace or otherwise what is the point in living... It is rhetorical and yes peace is difficult because of the relentless warmongering attitudes of others. The war on truth is the war on you it is the war on me and what is true!" The ultimate importance and inviolability of a frankly rapper that verily represents his media. The sanctity of Rap and Hip-Hop is in a rappers ability to keep it real with the lyrics and music. Apparently the truth is sanctified so with that theres MCSFUK. The truth of something false in name, style and skill is a lyrical technique adopted and performed by FRANK_UK also known as SPURIOUS. This artistic name SPURIOUS in a combined form, such as, MCSFUK is and has been franks artistic reproach that attempts to make a sincere performance from its creative nature controlled by the performing arts of FRANK_UK. #MCSFUK Master of Creations SPURIOUS FRANK United Kingdom - A Combined Form Frank Malcolm Kembery and or Frank Banes is MCSFUK. Although the combo is taken separately like each and available as solo performances too. Frank has other artistic names that deliver variations to his basic frankly approach and this is his general theme. Both MCSFUK and SPURIOUS (fols) can be found separately here at SoundClick. I have a Sincere and direct manner to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable sounding or shocking it may seem. As if my head really turns into guns, tanks and or bombs ETC. The notion is asinine in all honesty and reality. For how I lyrically endeavour to defend myself whilst I slang it out and express attitude thats ill is ridiculous. My skeng paradox is absurd for real at times plus part and parcel of the general humanitarian challenge. Art is unconstrained in it's efforts to inveigh against subject matter whilst having realistic boundaries that allow for artistic comparisons to be made in performance lyrics and other mediums. Freedom to express oneself without being blocked is paramount and special within it's peculiarity, as well as, bravery. Imagery of colours and forms are the very preceptors to any users perceptions. An M.C's ability to make a listener think, feel and be entertained in the act of escapism is a far reaching testament to an enriching way in performing arts. My self defense mechanism is of a rule for arbitrarily put to use. Frankly I'm no gangster just a militant social rebel with a cause to be my own artistic hero on the mic. "Muzzle Mouth" and or "Gun Head" seems fairly alarming but hopefully you will find this post disarming and understandable. Fighting talks arguments is better without calamities and disastrous impracticalities. Indifferentism is of indifference but it is also the belief that differences of religious belief are of no importance. In which this articles trouble making opinion in turn starts to offend some obligators of the faiths. To make matters worse being indifferent about others beliefs in a disrespectful manner can lead to many battlegrounds. The FRANK_UK version of, 108, doesn't understate nor underplay the cultural beast of modern day society and those that anathematize. Evil and hatred are by far the most significant life issues one can associate with suffering and redemption from oppressive image exploits that are promoted by the corrupt. Should it all cease from the greatest act of wars retaliation possible... However, this product is still in production and is the only album format that I have struggled to complete to my own satisfaction since I was 18 years old in 1994. Maybe I will achieve my goal sooner rather than later in step of how life to my home world can to. A DAWGS ACT OF GAWD COULD BE WAR OR PEACE!!! #FRANK_UK #THOUGHTS #FEELINGS #ART #SINCERE #MEDIA #SHARE As proprietor of Sincere and a performing artist at Sincere. I wont adapt my skeng paradox that inveighs metaphorically via analogy and frankly names to achieve painting a healthier understanding of peace and love when theres no need to. One must appreciate the difference FRANK_UK attempts to make in all verses and hooks of any appellations debuting instinct that's always "Muzzle Mouth" and or "Gunhead" in basic theme; no matter the lyrical style and skills variations by way of artistic name, Skeng is to accept and admit. That the Performance art more often than not meets the requirements of the absurd and or a ridiculous ill humanitarian challenge to toleration's limit when inveighing against opposing opposition. Frank's decent and explicit material had developed into many concept media products by way of three artistic names ETC. that addressed his thoughts and feelings in a open agenda of lyricism that is truth of anything frankly expressed towards his own stance upon matters and others plus whatever topics and or subjects. I arbitrarily represent in my artistic material to give appropriate attitude to that of a PEACEKEEPING for instance and or being a PLAYER HATER of Gangster Rap (P.A.G. "Players Against Gangsters"). All extreme persons promoting war against me, myself and I by expressing wilful destruction of all or any mortal life held dear to my heart is deemed evil, unlawful and wrong or just inept of form. SINCERE is heavily drug related music and as Frank Malcolm Kembery has had a wealth of life experience as an addict (Criminal) and recovering addict thats also a protocol detox therapist with a fevered slant that shares in a more popularised world view based firmly with its roots in nature and what is really natural. Its likely that if you understand Rap and Hip-Hop well enough youd know that theres slangs in the lyrical content that contextualise self imagery and or persona. Giving more edge in the word play by way of making comparisons which is grittier in its general grind. Sincere is a way of life, a philosophy and a moralist approach thats mostly asymmetrical except for the I whichs symmetrical. Anyhow, I spell SINCERE B.E.C.O.M.E.S. Status: Single & it is complicated! Here for: Creating, Activism, Networking, Blogs, Friends & Sharing MP3/MP4... Hometown & Citizenship: Bath (BANES), Avon and Somerset, United Kingdom. Orientation: Straight and or Heterosexual Family Siblings: None (Only Child!) Body Type: 6ft 2in = 1.88 meter / Large / 12.5 Stone = 175 Pounds Ethnicity: White / Caucasian (White Chestnut Gold) Eye & Hair Color: Brown Distinguishing Marks: Cuts From Head To Feet & Tattoos and or Ink Religion: Spiritual / Spiritualism (Raised C of E Protestant: Anglican Episcopalian Presbyterian) Syncretic Date of Birth: 17/06/1976 Conception: 23/10/1975 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Children: 2 Maybe (ATS) X-File Extras! Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes Political Orientation: Environmentalist, Economist, Social, Left and Right, Naturalist, Culturist Peacekeeper Occupation: Volunteering (BANES Overdose Prevention Team), Proprietor and or Individual, Member, Performer and or Representative, Self-Employed Sole Trader, Independent Retailer, Acu-Detox Protocol Practitioner (Addictions & Diseases) and or Specialist Health Care Practitioner, Book Keeper and Direct Marketing Consultant, Cordon Bleu Chef and or Grill Chef/Soux Chef, Barman, Disk Jockey & Royal Mail Post Man, Freelance Editorial / Publisher, Journalist, Writer and or Author... Education: College & University (STILL STUDYING) Training: Private and Public Sector, Catering and Hospitality, Retail, Direct Marketing and Business, Vending, Journalism, Creative Writing, Communications and Listening, IT, A Level Mathematics, Detox Protocol (Addictions & Diseases), STI Protocol, Motivational Interviewing Protocol, Child Exploitation Training... Income: Under-Construction! I have been a cub and a scout in my youth and also played second row in every school seasons rugby match. I studied for A Levels in 1997 as a mature student & attempted a honors degree in Social Sciences. Recently I became a NADA stage 1 qualified Acu-Detox (Protocol) Practitioner. I can play keyboards, guitars and drums plus I have been learning to play (mess about with) the clarinet too!
Band/artist history
1994 Live Band (South-West)... 1995 Moved to Bristol (BS) to work... 1996 Sony Records. (Cool freebies!) 1998 Entered Radio 1 Rap & Hip-Hop Auditions! 1999 Virgin Records Interview. (Crazy!) 2000... Struggled but recorded a bit! 2003 html & MP3! 2004 Honors Degree and FBI! 2005 Fear, hate and terror! 2007 Performing Live! 2011 Homeless, blogging, recording, exhibitions and radio... 2012 Exhibitions and digital media events! 2013 Re-Housed and still at it!
What equipment do you use?
YAMAHA DJX I & II, Evolution (MIDI To USB), AKAI Pro Headrush, Kurzweil MicroPiano, Clarinet B12 (Flat), Cubasis VST Version 5 (Midi), Kompakt, FL Studio Creative Edition, PCI SOUNDBLASTER, SB Audigy 2 ZS, SHURE 12AH Microphone (Raw & Dynamic!), SENNHEISER HD 433, Fender Electro Acoustic Guitar & Encore Electric Guitar, 2 VESTAX PDX-d3s & VESTAX PMC 17A, Technics 1200's/1210's & Technics Mixer, Kompakt Plugins, Royalty Free Kits & Tools...
Anything else?
My entire natural life so far I have been exposed to being of physical injury & natural wear & tear due to 3 main causes of illness; invasion by micro organisms such as viruses (diseases); errors in my families genetic makeup (Mental illness, Deformities, Disorders etc); exposure to external factors such as pollution, pollens, poor diet, drug abuse, alcohol abuse & the effects of unprotected sex. Living or existing is all natural or all unnatural & can rise above all limitations to create a condition that is conducive to joy or pain. Hope, meaningfulness, importance, worth, principles, standards, love, respect, peace, equality, truth, health, help, friendship, understanding, learning & work is frankly the greatest creative achievements known to this very place! SINCERE PUBLIC FUNDING AND OR ANONYMOUS DONATIONS So you can pay SINCERE funds towards the goals of SINCERE MEDIA PUBLISHING ORGANISATIONS PERFORMING ARTIST ELKANA (ELKANA MONEY POOLS) paypal.me/sincaw
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