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Independent Experimental Electro Music with seamlessly blended styles of electronica stemming from Dance, Breakbeats, Drum & Bass, Progressive, Trance, Tec
My name is Brandon Bagley and I have been producing original electronica since late March 2006. I use Propellerhead's Reason 5.0 to compose/produce each of my tracks. All of my music is produced electronically but it most definitely isn't all "techno." SoundClick is kind of like my archives for many of my tracks and song projects. SoundCloud.com is where I post my newest works. Because I am simply a hobbyist musician, many of my projects are ongoing and are often uploaded in unfinished/preview form. I rarely remove songs once I've added them so I have most of everything here up until the 2nd song I ever created with Reason. (I never tried producing my own tracks until my friends introduced me to Reason 3.0)
Band/artist history
I started producing music in March 2006, and have enjoyed experimenting and developing the sound style I now show. I wanted to hear my mental tunes in reality, so that's why I began making music. Before then, I had been a tenor in various choirs throughout my junior high (North Layton Junior High) and high school (Tooele High School) years. Throughout my schooling, I tried to learn how to play many instruments but being unable to read sheet music very well and lacking patience, I never learned to play anything, although I have tried to learn how to play the guitar, piano, violin, and picalo.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I would like to learn how to play live, however as of now, I am confined to my computer workstation where I make my songs.
Your musical influences
BT BassNectar Pendulum Linkin Park Infected Mushroom Daft Punk The Deadfly DJ Dean Tiesto Darude Freezepop Prodigy Eiffel 65
What equipment do you use?
Propellerhead's Reason 5.0 Propellerhead's Recycle Edirol PCR-M50 MIDI Keyboard controller M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI Controller Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones Audacity
Anything else?
My own vocal talents occasionally. I think it all boils down to just abstract experimental electronica with a wide spectrum of musical exploration.
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