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I'm just a hobby musician. I tried to spend my free time just getting sounds out of the many VSt's on my computer. I focus on all electronic genres but i always
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Experimental ambient eletronic fusion.
Floating Souls (feat. Pawas)
I was (like most of the times) in a very relaxed and chilly mood. I usually warm up playing with pad sounds and imagine being in the highlands. I somehow wanted an ethnic touch to this track, and this is the outcome.
This one actually started off as a loop which needed to be done for a website - a local lounge bar here. I thought i'd extend it a bit and make into a little track.
I'm a hobby musician. My insterests vary in all electronic styles. I also dj sometimes - Asian Underground and breaks, Trip Hop, Chill. I'm a software engineer by profession, but i do all this for the love of music :)
Band/artist history
I was born and brought up in India(Pune). I started djing for my friends for birthday parties and other get togethers. People started noticing what i do, my friends backed me up a lot. Back then, it used to be with tapes and slowly moved on to CDs and professional equipment. djing was a source of pocket money while i struggled to complete my Computer Engineer course, which eventually was my career path. I came to Germany in 2001 on work basis, but somehow didn't let the music go out of my life. While i played on and off at local bars and events, i wanted to get my hands on producing my own tracks. After one year of research on tools and equipment in the market, i finally started, only to realize that it requires so much time and dedication. For now, i've decided to produce during my free time and at the same time, push the asian underground scene in Cologne and all over Germany. For more details - www.masala-movement.de
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I DJ at local lounge bars and events.
Your musical influences
It really depends on my mood. I dont plan to write a certain style. What comes out in the end is the mood i was in. Sometimes i jam with a friend and what comes out is complete mixture of ideas and styles. I listen to all electronic styles varying from minimal techno, goa, psy fi, breaks, asian breaks, trip hop, chill, ambient, drum n bass, liquid drum n bass.
What equipment do you use?
A Live, Reason, Cubase, with loads of Vst. Edirol MIDI controller.
Anything else?
www.masala-movement.de We are aware of that fusion music is more then just a fashion, it's a way of expressing our own ethnicity, influences and individuality. Masala Movement is an organic and evolving network. It consists of the people who relate to this idea of understanding and communication. It's not a band, it's not a clubnight, it's not an Asian Underground website. It's a way of sharing individual expressions through music and art. It's being aware of where we and our art comes from. A friend an I run this community focussing on ethno electro and asian underground sounds. The idea is to bring artists and musicians together from around the globe who try to push this scene in their localities. The site is in German now, but will be updated soon and converted to English. If you're an artist who relates to our vision and want to know more about us and what we do, please get in touch with us. We're working on a CD compilation project and we'll be glad to have you on board.
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Hi there, "Floating Souls" is amazing, relaxing...I really like it. Will listen while working :)
show us what you really can do men I think you have great stuff in your pocket
cool song dude!!!!! awesome.........
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