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Chroma Key
What makes a man leave the blustery fan-mad astounding sounds of a band like Dream Theater? What makes him move out to New Mexico, then L.A. and finally (yet no
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Even The Waves
Pantone memory, x-ray eyes.
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your sick!! i'd bump your sh*** all over phoenix!! check out my prank calls there the funniest you'll ever hear www.soundclick.com/dimentidkrew
So weird you work with Steve Tushar. I work on his web page and I live in Costa Rica. www.nuendo-post.com /Jaybird Steve must know every one?
wow...didn't know chroma key would be on soundclick. shows what n00bs like myself know. the internet age has indeed arrived.
nice to see that you could buck the formula but keep the standard intact! nifty effects on the vocals in colorblind. best of luck on your projects and thank you for making your music available!