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Soul of the River
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Funky Rock Grooves
Right Right
Soul of the River Making listeners slap themselves black and blue out of pure eargasmic joy since your momma was born. Funky Rock Grooves Some songs are from the studio, a few are just a microphone set up in a garage during a rehearsal, They're all free to download, so download away! We play alot of live shows in the Southern California area, so make sure to check us out, if you can't, we also regurarly do interviews and specials on internet radio, so check out our "live events" page to se when. We also give out free stuff to people on our mailing list, so make sure to sign it!
Band/artist history
Created around freestyle songwriting sessions around a fire pit, Soul of the River was formed in June 2002. Out of Southern California, Soul of the River creates an unusual blend of songs that immediately grab the listener. Steve Hansen's abstract yet funky basslines take a lead voice in the music and effectively compliment the overall song instead of coming off as too strange and abrasive. Rene Felix has the unique blend of funky, shuffle drumming style, with the punch of John Bonham and the thunder of Steward Copeland, that creates a one of a kind sound that makes the most avid hip hop or country listener rock out and get down. Brett Dawson, brings a melodic vocal, and groove based guitar style that ranges from laid back funk to raging intensity. This unique blend of styles playing great original songs guaranteed to make even the harshest critic love, is the perfect formula to create the eargasmic sound of Soul of the River.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play shows everywhere. We have some kind of incredible musical chemistry, which enables us to jam really well. We have a different show every time! Like ESP or something. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to webmaster@souloftheriver.com or go here: http://www.souloftheriver.com/contactme.html
Your musical influences
Funky Rock Grooves, Black Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, Cake, minutemen.
What equipment do you use?
Musical equipment.
Anything else?
Strong songwriting, with a unique style, we're our favorite band, and we think we could be yours too.
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