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Marti van Lin
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Amateur one man band form Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Marti van Lin - Hatikvah - CLUB
Peak position #42
Marti van Lin feat Ofra Haza - Elohi El Hi 40
Peak position #51
Marti van Lin - Shabbat Menuha
Marti van Lin   /collab
Marti van Lin - The BBS Song
Peak position #72
Marti van Lin - Bubba-Joe
Peak position #93
Marti van Lin - Healing the Root Chakra
Peak position #21
Marti van Lin - Yiddishe Mama
Peak position #50
Marti van Lin - Me Sheberach
Peak in sub-genre #22
Marti van Lin - Lommer Zich Iberbeitn
Today #37 in Traditional European subgenre
Marti van Lin - Le Hannukah
Marti van Lin   /collab
Marti van Lin - EliEli
Marti van Lin   /collab
Marti van Lin - Gratefull
Peak position #54
Marti van Lin - 4Mike
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak position #40
Marti van Lin - Blijf bij miech
Peak position #12
I Stand With Israel
Peak position #32
Shtil, di nakht iz oysgeshternt
Peak position #51
Marti van Lin - Sparks
Peak position #33
Marti van Lin - TranceITion Part 1
Peak position #85
Sweet Heart
Peak position #86
Yet another amateur one man band. I started composing and writing at the age of 13. I started off playing electronic organ, later acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Played in a few local rock bands, but for some reason I was never really happy about the way things went. So at the age of 18 I decided to become a one man band. In 1982 I released my first official audio cassette tape "The truth UR afraid of". Followed by each year two more cassettes. In 1992 I threw my instruments into the closet and started using so called "Tracker editors", making me able to use "any instrument" I could ever dream of. Meaning my sound dramatically changed trough the years. These days I hardly release new CD's (mostly one a year). However I don't create every week another new song, as I did before. I keep on ticking.... More information on Tracker Editors in this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracker_%28music_software%29
Band/artist history
Well, there is not much of a history, remember I'm only a hobbyist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I'm a typical Studio Artist and too shy to perform Live!
Your musical influences
Starting of with Mike Oldfield. I found out he made his entire work on his own, so I thought, OK, if he can do it, i can do it too... right? But honestly to give you any useful idea of what my music sounds like, you could call it a mix between between Oldfield, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Alice Cooper, the Exploited, Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, the Cure and Enigma... Sounds strange? you bet it does ;) You could call it: Ambent trance/club electro rock...
What equipment do you use?
From 1980 up to 2002 I had a analogue Home Recording Studio, called Ha Menora. I used two cassete tape decks, and a 4-track tape deck, a professional mixer and professional microphones. My instruments where: * Acoustic guitar; * a few electric guitars; * Bass guitar; * Curna Saz (small Turkish snare instrument); * Zurna (Turkish oeboe); * Davul (Arabic drum); * 5 Casio Keyboards * GEM electronic orgain. The nerve system of my MIDI network was a Commodore-Amiga 500 with a so called MIDI-BOX (connected to the RS232C-port). From 1992 up to 2013 I used Computers with so called "Tracker Editors". Currently in use: * PC: Medion Akoya E2116 i3-3228/8 GiB RAM/ on-board Intel HD sound-chip; * Operating System: Martix GNU/Linux 15.10 * DAW: Audacity. Current instruments (Updated November 2014): * Muse Acoustic Guitar (/w Metal strings); * Phoenix E-100 Electric Guitar; * Dimavery PB-320 Bass Guitar; * Casio CTK-3200 Keyboard; * Aleisis DM6-USB Electric Drumkit; * Devine PRO-USB1 Condenser Studio Microphone /w Shock Mount; * the above mentioned Computer configuration.
Anything else?
Unfortunately, moving to my new apartment in 2002 my audio cassettes, including the ones of Cheese Devils got lost. I know they must be somewhere out there. But where, is the question. So for now only my Audio CD's, I produced since 1997 are still available. This means that the majority of my work (40 audio cassettes) got lost. Oh well, Sh1t happens :-p
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Miracles / Meek Mill Type Beat
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