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Brazilian Heavy Metal
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The Flame
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Ok... Here is Fernando. Thorns Guitar player... Writing from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Today is 03/14/06... Im answering by the band. Hope the other guys like it... First of all, the new Fotolog address is down here. Drop by and leave a scrap for us... Yes! It is important... we really care about that. If you dont want to leave a scrap. Write us a message... Tell you like the music... or you think its lame... anything... but get in contact. http://www.thefinal-solution.net/ http://www.fotolog.com/finalsolution/ http://www.myspace.com/thornbrazil Thorn is a Heavy Metal Band from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. We are recording our first Demo CD called "The Final Solution". We hope to get it finished until June 2006. But for now our first "virtual single" called "The Flame" is availble for download. Fernando Campos - Guitars Carlos Alberto - Bass Rodrigo Rossi - Vocals Thomas Martinoia - Drums Pedro Ivo - Keyz
Band/artist history
We are releasing our first Demo CD on the next months. .. For now you can download our single.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sure... We are going to date some GIGs after the relsease of our Demo CD.
Your musical influences
Mainly Heavy Metal... Of course, your music is a synthesis of every thing you ever listened. So... Theres a bit of everything From Hip Hop to Samba. From Jazz to Mambo. From Classic to Rock... But the sound itself its mainly Heavy Metal. Open your mind.
What equipment do you use?
You can get a full list at our website in the future. For now... Marshall Vintage Amps... Gibson Guitars... EMG Pick Ups... Sabian Cymbals... Some Brazilian material... Meteoro, RMV and Tagima...
Anything else?
You can ask anything you want at band@thefinal-solution.net Our Fotolog is http://www.fotolog.com/finalsolution/ And our web sites: http://www.thefinal-solution.net/ http://www.fotolog.com/finalsolution/ http://www.myspace.com/thornbrazil Thanks for the space... Hope soundclick will continue providing this for the unsigned bands for a long time. If you continued reading til this point, Thank you for the insterest. Right? Cya.