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Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis
3 Tracks
South Wales Christian Singer songwriter
Hi, I'm a singer-songwriter from South Wales. I also happen to be a Christian. I like to think that my faith informs my songwriting, rather than overpowers it. There are enough bands that 'preach' (Christianity or otherwise) and the music world doesn't need any more of those!!!
Band/artist history
I've been writing songs since I was about 13 - I was a pretty late starter in some regards. And I've just kept going. Recording a few every now and then as I've been able to afford it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't played live for a looong time. Mainly due to lack of available musicians. I've never been very good at holding bands together - I've tended to 'borrow' musicians from other bands and everybody tends to drift off to their original band after a few weeks/months
Your musical influences
Hard to say exactly beacuse I like loads of different stuff. I guess Crowded House, R.E.M. and U2 are a couple of the influences that might be audible in some of my stuff. But, Prince is my favorite artist and I'm into plenty of Hip Hop too - so if I ever get the chance to record some of my songs exactly how I want to, then who knows what it will come out sounding like.
What equipment do you use?
whatever I can get my hands on!!!!!! I tend to buy studio time whenever I can afford it, so I use whatever that studio has.
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