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Darren Jones
Darren Jones
Born April 15, 1974 in Lebanon, Ohio, Darren jones has been a part of music for as long as he can remember ever since he got his first acoustic after his parents traded in his trombone from the 7th grade band(first chair).
Tell me about your history? How did you get where you are now?
What are his earliest memories of music? Ironically, the Oak Ridge Boys ,Elvis and Mickey Gilley on 8 track. Darren is an affluent songwriter who's deep lyrics can sweep you away into the story he is trying to tell. He has hopes of having a couple of big songs under his belt, as well as continuing to play for his fans. Darren has played in several bands through high school and college, such as, Nails, Malicious Indignation and Little Miss Fortune...Just to name a few.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
Yes all the time,,,playing Slayer before Country Karoake
Your musical influences
Darren's early influences were guitar powerhouses such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brian Setzer, EVH(Eddie Van Halen), Vitto Bratta (White Lion), and Nuno Bettoncourt (Extreme) and extremely heavy bands(hes been shredding on guitar for 16 years in every genre), but later he got into the harmonies and songwriting of the Indigo Girls.
What equipment do you use?
Darren's equipment of choice is his Fender Tele, and his trusty Taylor Acoustic.
Anything else?
If you have never had an opportunity to hear Darren sing and play, then do yourself a favor, and get to an upcoming show as soon as possible. He is a powerful performer that will touch you both lyrically, and vocally.