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Madder Than You
Madder Than You
92 Tracks
Over 40 years experience in electronic music and sound design along with a refusal to color inside the lines musically speaking and varied but definitive style
clear direction
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Howdy Kids! Some of the tunes posted here are the result of collaborative efforts, but most were solo creations ;) Some are remixes of other's work and demos of other's software creations/tools...but all were created because they had to be. For some of us, music is a compulsion- much like breathing. Hope ya like the tunes- I did'em because they had to be done.
Band/artist history
sort of covered that in the "how did you get your band name" section, but I've been making noise since I was 5 and that was a LONG time ago. I've been using the computer to make noise since 92. My first music machine was an AT&T 8086 box with a 5 (!!!) MHz processor. It actually ran Voyetra's sequencer gold classic...but when I upgraded to a 33Mhz windows machine, I had to re work ALL my tunes in which I used my Akai S2800s sampler. The sync times were all off due to the differences in processor speed ;P over the years, I've messed about with lots of different hosts, but I've finally settled on 2: Ableton's LIVE and Energy XT. With these and an army of vst/vsti plug ins, I make the noise I want to....hope you enjoy it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
used to. When I was part of a little ensemble called "Those Damned Johnstons". Though they played the "Dragon Con" in ATL for several years, I was only involved with one of those years and performing for 2000 crazy comics collectors and RP gamers was a helluva lot of fun, but I'd say amongst the many memorable moments of the TDJ years was a very intimate (maybe 50 people were there...including the band...) performance at the 14th st playhouse- I forget what the cause was, but I still have the mental image of Ken- our bassist, singer, frontman- licking chocolate Jello pudding off the floor...and it WAS in conjunction with our performance, I'm certain. We were 50% rock and roll/50% side show freak act...it was a blast.
Your musical influences
I like music that sounds good. I create what I feel like creating. Sometimes that 80's pop. sometimes thats weird triphop glitch dub. Sometimes it's cold goth instrumental. So- I'm pretty sure I'm influenced by everything I listen to...and over the years, that's a lot of different kinds of music
What equipment do you use?
whatever's handy- then, the computer, Ableton Live and Energy XT
Anything else?
I really dig Soundclick, but the one thing I immediately don't like (...and I do understand it's importance...) I dislike having to "categorize" my material. I reeeeaally hate the way that music (something that has always represented a form of freedom to me) over the past decade has been "subcompartmentalized" to the point of nausea..I mean, when it's necessary for a site like Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music to even exist (http://www.di.fm/edmguide/# ) something is wrong...I mean don't get me wrong but there aren't even as many varieties of cheese as there are house music! (BTW-I think Ishkur's site is invaluable just to keep track of what's what! Us old folks only had 4 tv stations growing up in the States, for God sake!...let alone 16 different kinds of rap!)
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