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one-man project .. experimental, atmospheric and intrumental textures infused with ethnic, malenconic and floating melodies.
Garden of Rest (live) - Mantra Fest. '07
Peak position #74
one man band. I try to project my ideas into my music for other people to explore. Time is limited, in proportion to thought.
Band/artist history
Began piano lessons at the age of 6 for some 8yrs or so. Wrote my first piece at 2nd grade which i still remember by heart :) at the age of 15 i joined a black metal band for 4 yrs. Purchased my first Korg workstation when i joined the band. Continued using the onboard sequencers until 1998 when i got myself a pc for a home studio.. and eventually software opened another realm. At this moment in time i have 2 side-projects in motion apart from my work.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes in festivals across europe such as Glastonbury and Aurora.
Your musical influences
Dead Can Dance, Mike Oldfield, AesDana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Bola, Sphongle, Lisa Gerrard, Cell, JM Jarre, Future Sounds of London, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, God speed you black Emperor, Jaia, Ethneogenic, Side liner, Global Communication, Ozric Tentacles, Midaircondo, Shulman and nature..
What equipment do you use?
MacPro dual Xeon + Motu 848mk3, MacBook Pro,Korg Oasys, Korg KARMA, Kontrol49, MS2000B, Prophecy, i30, microKontrol, MS2000R, Nord Lead2, micro-X, Electribe ES-1, Virus b, Calsbro Eclipse and Yamaha mixers, Digitech TSR-24S, Genelec Monitors, Guitars: Fender & Jackson. EV & Rode mics, & two lovely cats.
Anything else?
.. would like to thank Ian Atrard for the home page pic (ianattard.com). Jochen & Reto for their amazing thumbnails. And alexgrey.com. Daniel Borg for cygna logos. jnati for the backdrops ( http://jnati.deviantart.com/ )