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Mike Caro
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15 Tracks
Versatile Music, Rock Acoustic Pop Alternative & Instrumental Fusion, Theme Music. Contemporary
Coffee & Cigarettes Mp3
Peak position #21
I'm Like Brooklyn
Peak position #96
I Could Do Anything
Peak in sub-genre #80
I Wanna Iguana (Lizard Tongue)
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'Mamuwalde' aka 'Give It Up'
Band/artist history
I wanted to play drums since age three. I wound up with a guitar at age seven. Self taught I started a band at nine years old and played Parties,Schools Bars & Clubs up untill 18 years old. Went all original and switched to Bass guitar at 19 years old so I could play showcases for labels. My band auditioned live for Arista & MCA records on several occassions. Couldn't get it done though. Luckly when I turned more to songwriting my songs got me into studios where I later became a session player on many records in the 1990's and landed on Columbia Records with a band called "The Daou" Billboard #1 July 1992 & Vanessa Daou. Some of the session work included Bass guitar for Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and others. I have had the privilage of working with Next Plateau Records, 4th Floor Records. Ron Alexenberg formerly Epic Records and especially with Tommy Musto and Mike Appel songwriter (former Springsteen manager & producer) Along the years I've taught myself recording engineering and to play Bass, Drums, Acoustic guitars, Lead guitar, Keyboards and to sing a little. I write lyrics and music. I mainly write with drummer & lyricist John Thomas & guitarist Dennis DelGaudio (Movin Out) We write & record both vocals songs & instrumentals all in the pop/rock/altenative & fusion genres. We are trying to sell songs and get songs into TV and Film situations mostly.. Too much history to list it all. We currently have songs in the movie "Pope Dreams" Peace
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No live playing anymore.. Have toured the US under MCA Records in the mid 90's. Also to Paris France to perform. Most memorable places House Of Blues in LA, Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado, San Diego, Vancouver,Chicago. *Most memorable though High School Dance Gig at age 14.
Your musical influences
My older Brother & Sisters, were 10 to 14 years older than me. Everything they played influenced me. My brother with Rock & my sisters with R&B Soul. Many of the pop songs on the radio to. The Beatles-Earth Wind & Fire - Led Zeppelin- The Temps- The Stones- Stevie Wonder- Black Sabbath-The Jackson Five- Yes- Barry White-British Rock-Motown-Southern Rock- Philly Sound!!!! Jimmy Page-George Benson- Larry Carlton- Pete Townshend. STP- Grunge- John Bonham..Genesis,Floyd, Santana, Gabriel, Crimson, Jazz Rock Fusion, Jaco, Rit, all those guys! Tull.Clapton, Spinners,Ojays, Harold all of it! All the 60's & 70's Singer Songwriters! Elton, JT. Cat, Croce, Everything I hear influences me. I'm not a purist of any kind of traditional music. I like older popular music and a blend of pop styles when rock and soul were really mixed together Sly Stone mixed. I'm not a blues,jazz,classical,reggae etc.. kinda listener or musician.
What equipment do you use?
To Play- 1974 Fender P Bass , Martin Jumbo Acoustic, 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst, 1972 Fender Telecaster, Fender Strat, Line 6 Variax. Yamaha Drums.. To Record- Tascam, Mackie & Dan Alexander Mic Pre, Vox, Marshall, Fender, Hammond, Line 6 & cheap mics Old & New!
Anything else?
I am writing and recording.. I also produce & record demo's online & through mail for songwriters from all over.
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