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The Dark Prodigy 6666
The Dark Prodigy 6666
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An Original Satanic Death Gothic Blues metal from Minneapolis, MN. Lead by RAVEN DANZIG (Lead Vox) and TODD POPE (Lead Guitarist / backing vox).
THE DARK PRODIGY is lead by RAVEN DANZIG (ex vocalist of SERPENTINA, BLEEDING LIGHT) and TODD POPE (ex Eden In Ruins). We are an original Death Metal / Gothic / blues band from Minneapolis, MN.
Band/artist history
BIOGRAPHY OF THE DEVIL'S CONCUBINE, RAVEN DANZIG: From Burlesque Queen to Gothic Rocker... by JAY PSYCHOSIS What was once an upcoming Star of a local Burlesque Troupe that started in Duluth, Minnesota, was the golden start of RAVEN DANZIGs career as a vocalist / entertainer. RAVEN DANZIG, 26, currently residing in her native Minnesota home talks about her starting days You know, a lot of people, especially the hardcore feminists columnists consider Burlesque as degrading towards women and considerably evil and uneducational. I honestly have respected the start of my career as a Burlesque Entertainer because it was my main career break. I respect the principles of Entertaining and the Voyeurs. At the age of 13 years old, Raven was already producing and managing High School Drama theatre, while working full time as a Burlesque leader and Singer. During her main days in High School from December 1994 to the year of 2003 in June, she spent her entire life singing and traveling with her local troupe, DARK CABARET. I never had stopped touring during my days as a hostess of Burlesque, before troupes like The Suicide Girls and Dr. Farrago's Girlie Show and the way things go, I don't ever wanna stop touring in general. I'm happy of what i'm doing presently speaking, to which, working together with high-classed experienced musicians with my solo project, THE DARK PRODIGY / LA OSCURITA DI PRODIGIO." Today, when the year 2005 is drawing near its end, Raven is currently working on her own solo project album called, "THE DARK PRODIGY / LA OSCURITA DI PRODIGIO", working with great musicians like guitarist and friend, Todd Pope (Ex-Eden in Ruins), the band is currently looking for a bassist and drummer to round out the touring lineup. Raven best describes her solo project "a mixture of Ambience Industrial Noise meets Satanic Death Metal". "DARK PRODIGY has pure elements of raw anger and Industrial energy. Very unique in music. Its more of a tale that takes into an unknown world or journey, if you will, of unique dark place of music. None that NO ONE has ever done or created in music before. You'll have to listen to it and close your eyes to experience a dark realm of power that I have accomplished in music." For RAVEN DANZIG, being named as the most experienced entertainer for so long at a young age of the Burlesque World, has total admiration and appreciation of her past career life. "I have no regrets of admitting of being in the field of Burlesque. In fact, I do share my ole Burlesque days with newcomers nowadays. The DARK CABARET was my total momentum and my start as a singer. I am proud of what Ive accomplished. If it wasn't for Burlesque, hell to know where I would of ended up in." (laughs) ******* DARK PRODIGY / L'Oscurità di Prodigio creates an imagery of Satanic cultures and artistic genre of music. Lead vocalist and creator of the band, SERPENTINA, Ms. Raven Danzig says that there are mysteries of music which cannot be explained. "Many people out there in the music world, especially the mainstream corporate worlds, are afraid what the power in music can truly hold. Its not too surprising to me that people are weary to go beyond the limits of seeing, listening, and taking on a journey to an unknown world. People in itself must learn not to set limits or if they are, they're open minded to experiment." According to Danzig, herself, DARK PRODIGY / L'Oscurità di Prodigio is a mixture of Ambience, Noise, Industrial, and Satanic death metal combined with her powerful bluesy vocals. Far too different from her band, SERPENTINA. "If people ask me what Dark Prodigy sounds like, don't ask me!" She laughs. "Just open up your mind and take a listen. Nothing more to ask for." NIX AND JAY PSYCHOSIS 2005 A:D
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not just yet, but rest assured, we will have plenty of adventures.
Your musical influences
Glenn Danzig was the first man that brought my attention as a lead vocalist. He is still one of the most dark original individual in the music scene. As for pope, his influences are (but not limited to) Andy LaRocque, Pete Blakk, Chuck Schuldiner, John Christ, Doyle, Dave Mustaine, Joe satriani and many other.
What equipment do you use?
RAVEN DANZIG - For Microphones, I use a SHURE SM58 VHF WIRELESS 12 CHANNELS for live shows; AUDIO TECHNICA for sound recordings. POPE - BC RICH WARLCOK with Duncan pickups, Zoom/Boss processors, Washburn basses, Monster cables, dunlop picks and Ernie Ball strings. POPE - Info coming soon....