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Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas
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Music that Varies from Heavy rock to Power chord pop rock to acoustic folk and many things between.
I am just a simple song writer. I have been writing and recording songs since about 1993. I mostly play all the instruments and engineer my own recordings but I can't take all the credit for the 98 songs I have recorded. I have been lucky to have a few runs with some great musicians. Our Band "CHEESE" (apparently a popular name) played the Detroit and Port Huron area until around 2001. I now live in Idaho and am on my own again. I think I would like to join a band as a drummer now. It looks like more fun than singing (forgetting lyrics) and playing guitar (missing chords).
Band/artist history
Ask if you really want to know.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not anymore. But one of our high points was winning a Detroit battle of the bands in 1999 and Recording at 54 sound in Michigan. We were there with the Romantics. Very cool.
Your musical influences
It is very difficult to choose a style these days. My music varies from heavy rock to alternative pop rock to folk like acoustic and blah blah blah.... It's all Rock and Roll !
What equipment do you use?
My Guitars are Gibson, Ibanez, and Schecter. I record with Marshall Valvestates and play live with a Red Bear head and an Orange cabinet. My Drums are Sonar (birch acoustic)and Roland V-drums. My acoustic is a cool hand made Carter from Canada. My bass is a cool 80's rock Jackson. I recorded most of my stuff with 2 ADAT machines and a Mackie 16 channel board.
Anything else?
All these years and I have never put my music on the web. Keep in mind that I would record songs to get them down. They were never intended for polished final use. I love mistakes and unintensional sounds and noises in music, It adds so much character and often we would try to recreate those mistakes live as they become a part of the song.
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