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Spooker fresH
Spooker fresH
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Experimental Synth Sounds.
NL3 Trance
Peak in sub-genre #32
Nord Lead 3 - long 3rd
Peak position #83
NL3 - 2nd patch tweaking
Nord Lead 3 Fun
Peak in sub-genre #72
M3X Final Hit 4
Peak in sub-genre #46
New Method, different skills, new game, and fresh exhiliration to your ear drums. I'm a one man band that dares to cross new boundaries in electronic music. A lot of what I do is influenced from Industrial, yet my music manages to defy this and has strong presence in other genres such as Big Beat/Breakbeat, Progressive Trance, Synth-Pop, Pop, and Yes Industrial as well as other genres. Hard to pinpoint, but I let the music speak for itself. Still, this site is just for checking out some interesting sounds. I like mine beefy, not softy.
Band/artist history
My history goes as, early 1997 My bud and I worked on getting music together with an old drum machine and casio keyboard (don't knock the power of casio), guitar and bass along with household items to spice it up. Played a show that summer and since then I have been preping my music to be heard by the masses. I have made demos and have had my music played on the radio (not by me). But I always like to keep my music in progress to constantly improve the overall sound and experience.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have 8 years ago. It was a good experience to have under my belt. But now I'm brewing something else on a new path. Although, I plan to add guest members on my albums and live shows.
Your musical influences
Back in the day, Skinny Puppy and NIN were stuff I listened to along with a lot from the 80s. Can't really pinpoint specific influences, but some of my favorite bands are Index (now Index AI), Meg Lee Chin, BIS, Ayumi Hamasaki, the Prodigy, and SPOCK. I also dig Progressive Trance, which at some point my music will most likely dive into this genre in the form of a non-stop mix. If you've heard my ACTUAL music (not this experimental stuff here) you might be wondering how I'll pull that off.... You'll see. I'm not your typical artist.
What equipment do you use?
Analog, digital, and whatever gets the job done. ;)
Anything else?
I was a radio DJ for 1 year and had my own show where I mixed a big variety of electronic music usually, also with touches of greatness from other avenues of music. I had a blast doing it and look forward to being a DJ in one shape or form someday again.
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