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R&B/Pop/rock/hip-hop in general good music!
Allow me to introduce you to one of the hottest groups you'll ever hear.....KAZUAL. Now a few people have tried to take a couple of our acapella songs and place tracks behind them. We appreciate that but thats not how the songs were meant to be heard, so we decided to get our own page and introduce our selves properly.
Band/artist history
When was last time you heard of a group that could write, produce, and arrange their music, along with choregraphing their performances. This is KaZual (EJae, Damascus, Playboi and Lil Gabe), a group that has been in the music industry making the ladies scream, having the fellas feeling it and giving you something to vibe to in the club. KaZual will give you the best of their original songs and in addition, up-to-date cover songs for your audiences enjoyment (Book'em). The group has opened for National acts such as Destiny's Child, Nelly, Ginuwine, Jahiem and a performance at Showtime At The Apollo. KaZual has credits on the Guy III, "Telling Me No" Single. Early Soundscan numbers and reported BDS Spins, proves that KaZual brings that Dirty Flava from the South to the Nation.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do live performances no lipsnyc. But we aren't a band just a group but on occasion perform with a live band.
Your musical influences
Jodeci, Boyz II Men and New Edition
What equipment do you use?
Sonar by Cakewalk Audio-technica Mic Roland Xp-Series Celeron 2.8 Desktop Mpc 2000XL Events 20/20 monitors Mackie 1402 Mixer Alesis Nano Compressor Ya know the basics
Anything else?
Nope just a simple home studio setup.