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Sensation ogn
Sensation ogn
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Classical four member band: vocals, drums, guitar, base. Playing funny and fast music.
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Shes a dick
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Lika Dika
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It's very interesting that in spite of difference about our music tastes we merge all of it in our common sensation style:You put four guys that can't play and the result is that style. We play for fun ! We'll perserve with all until you will support us, that's means until we'll be invited to play on the concertes everywhere except on the weddings ! They started to play on bigger shows. Some of them : Ajdovscina (recreation ground Pale), Zagorje (hunting lodge), Maona (opening for Elektricni Orgazam), MKC Koper, MI Klub Izola, Under the Belvedere, Shoto klub Izola, Matica, Big Square Izola, Tito Square Koper, Orto bar Ljubljana, Muda Square Koper, Bonifika Koper and after that a summit in Berlin (Germany).Then they played in ?rnomelj, Kras Festival, MKN? Ilirska Bistrica, Ljubljana (Mestni log's day (Brlog) ) . They wish to thank Valter brani Sarajevo who invited them to open for their shows all over Slovenia. SENSATION UNCOVERED Viktor Konoplyov, born in 1979, Odessa, Ukraine where he precticed boxe. In1993 his family came to Slovenia. He plays hockey on rollerblades and he is a rapper from the day he was born. His first favourite band was Boy George. He is studing at teh traffic college, he is a merry guy and very lustful. Simon Blasko, born in 1979. He lives in Lucija. Actually he is metal-fan who is falling into jazz. He can play guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, didjeridoo.He also sings very well. Deeply in his soul we found a gigolo.His first favourite musician was MC Hammer. He worked as a biology assistant at the high school in Koper. Martin Vicic, born in 1982 resident in Lucija where he is a champion of rollerblades. He listens to punk, ska, hard core, a little metal. He is studying at the touristic college. He is the pretty one of the bend, as he steals women to the other members of Sensation. His trademark is playing drums with his shirt off. Primoz Mislej, born in 1978. He lives in Izola, he is a sailor (4 times slovenian champion), he likes to play soccer (?tudenti team), snowboarder. He listens to punk, ska, rap, metal, his favourite group is Rancid, his first favourite group were Motorhead. He is studying at the sports college DIF an he will be studying it for some time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played a lot of gigs, but only in Slovenija, becouse our singer doesnt have possibility to obtain the visa to go abroad. We like to play live and we like the feeling when our audience becomes wild on the concerts.
Your musical influences
There is a lot of them, because all members of the band are listening to different styles of music, but are still open to all new influences. We like music which is fun to listen, we can say that depresive bands are not our favorites.
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