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Dorsal Fin
Dorsal Fin
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Techno, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Dance, Exotica
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Formed nearly a decade ago in July 1996, Dorsal Fin became one of 3 working acronyms that musician Jon Johnson has worked under. At the time Johnson was producing primarily Electronic New Age music and had found a calling and interest in the then nearly new budding Techno Genres. It was one of his most successful efforts to break into the sub-main stream industry of that time. He was able to get Caroline Record's sublabel, Cleopatra to pass along this album to it's own subdivision label Hypnotics in Denmark. According to Johnson that was the main goal for the project. He had been so fascinated by all the cool new music on the Hypnotic's compilations CD's that he hoped to get an honor being on one.
Band/artist history
Formed in June 1996 by Jon Johnson to be a new name/entity for him to launch his interest and compositions in the then new Techno/Electronica genres as well as a concept to present the industry for ultimately landing a development deal or label signing . The result was 1 full length debut album and 2 3 song Extended Play CD's. The group was never signed to a label but Jon considered concept a personal success overall. The debut album was enough for Caroline Records to pass Johnson onto their Hypnotics label which Johnson's main goal was to be a Hypnotic artist which they responded by their desire to see his development. They did offer him to submit a song for the then upcoming Jean Michel Jarre tribute but alas personal difficulty at the time forced Dorsal Fin out of business for a time and then the Hypnotic label was no more soon after. Nothing for the tribute album and DF was in writing and so life couldn't wait for Dorsal Fin after all. But from the ashes it arises as a Phoenix from the fire.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, but I usually work under my own name now but I would resurrect the Dorsal Fin name if the time arises.
Your musical influences
Klaus Schulze, Tanderine Dream, Skinny Puppy, Jean Michel Jarre, a million and one electronic musicians from Germany, hopefully they know who they are.
What equipment do you use?
Wow, I don't have any of the gear from this time period anymore but it's important to say what was used. Korg Trinity, Prophecy, Wavestation SR,M3R,Emu Orbit 9090, Yamaha CS1x, Gemeni DJ Sampler, Nord Lead 1, Digitech Studio Quad, Lexicon Vortex, Vestax HDR6 Hard Disk recorder, Sony DAT Machine, Soundcraft Spirit Folio Lite 12 Channel Mixer, Windows 95 for mastering the CD's.
Anything else?
Please enjoy the music I believe in it and I believe that it can offer something to you.
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