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Flush 2
Flush 2
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Flush 2 is a French pop music group which speaks some passages like rappers can do. Hush Hush and Ton Flew compose everything of their music and lyrics. They ar
Flush 2 was born in 2002 and is made of 2 members : Ton Flew (Antoine) and Hush Hush (Alexis). In this French pop-rap group, Hush Hush sings, makes the programming be ok and plays the keyboard. Ton Flew sings too, plays the keyboard too (still, ;-) the guitar and the harmonica.
Band/artist history
2002 was the year of the level-A for both of Flush 2 members. It was also the one of patchings with two MiniDisc players playing loops extracted from CDs of their own record collection. They put them together and superimposed them before doing instrumental additions thanks to a small sound mixer. It was after... ten years of training of classical music. Egging a friend of theirs on to develop his creation, Alexis and Antoine, also know as Hush Hush and Ton Flew, started to borrow a piece of their style from the shape of Rap music after having made a detour by French songs. Their pop-rap musical project was becoming concrete days after days. Then, They decided to put money and effort into their group thanks to their summer wages they had kept while carrying on their superior studies. This is the purchase of a beat box, of a synthesizer, of a console and of two microphones which join the guitar and the harmonica at Flush 2's rack. Their life of middle-class guys was the inspiration for the thirty or so words at their disposal and it is all the more essential for them to go on being realized on stage - third Festival of New Talents which took place in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on the 20th of June, 2005. By the way, HH and Buckle Master Ton Flew have steered their writing and musical creations to this spirit from the beginning. At the same time, Alexis suggests a project to Radio Campus Rouen and discovers the joices of being on the air with his rap-programming subject programme, "Cache Cache". Listen to him every thursday from 19pm till 20pm on 101.3 FM. 2005 is also the year of the creation of the organization Ocelot Music (% Music) - which frames the activity of the group.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes of course, inasmuch as it is our priority ! But our music relying on programming, we mix direct and recorded instruments while performing. What we try to do is a kind of series of theatre sketches which enliven our music show.
Your musical influences
It is difficult to speak of any precise influence as we are listening to a good deal of music styles... Renaissance music, classical too, English pop, rock, French rock, ragga, rap, and so on ! We chose to say we are a pop-rap group because it is easier to people to formulate a not-too-bad idea of what we do. Rap listeners are not our very public. Pop music fans are the bulk of those we touch.
What equipment do you use?
Harmonica, guitar, voice, synth, drumbox, and other instruments according to circumstances !
Anything else?
We would be very proud to have your attention kept for more than 1 minute. If you want to know more about us, please, try our website www.flush2.com or contact us (manager@flush2.com). Any proposal will be welcomed too !