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Life Saving Decision
Life Saving Decision
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Hardcore Christian rap group dedicated to spreading the word of God through music. Every emotion portrayed in each song is amplified over the powerfully hard-hi
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11 songs
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Make sure to visit Life Saving Decisions on the web site to see show listings and more information on the Hottest Christian rap ministry!! is produced by: in Jefferson, Ohio
Band/artist history
Life Saving Decision was formed in 2005, prior to the uniting of the group the two members Kevin Beebe and Aaron Thompson had experienced many hardships. Before turning to the Lord Jesus Christ both members Aaron and Kevin struggled with issues ranging from drug addiction to deep depression. Legal trouble soon followed Kevin Beebe as he was arrested for drug and alcohol charges. The last legal confrontation would prove to be the turning point of Kevins life and the very beginning of doing music for the Lord. Kevin Beebe was arrested for putting his Secular music CDs on cars at the local high school as a way of promoting his music. Kevin is the only rapper to get arrested for his lyrics and faced up to 7 years in prison if convicted. Kevin was visited by a pastor and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. After making changes to his life a Grand Jury found Kevin not guilty of all charges. Kevin continued making music but with a new heart and a new message, thus forming Life Saving Decision. Kevin got together with long-time friend and musician Aaron Thompson and they have continued to let God shape and prepare the group for their call to ministry. The music of Life Saving Decision is diverse and appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes. The group now views music as an important art form that can be used as a powerful tool in ministry. Life Saving Decision is now focused on spreading the Gospel to youth and adults across the globe.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do live performances and carry God's message with us at all times. Please contact us for a very flexible performance rate.
Your musical influences
The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit
What equipment do you use?
All new songs will be produced at Break Free Productions in Jefferson Ohio. Make sure to check out more information on Break Free at www.breakfreeministries.net
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