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Broca's Area
Broca's Area
10 Tracks
Ambient, Drone, Noise, Improvisation
Politics In Wonderland
Peak in sub-genre #62
Soundcheck (Squirrels on the Mic)
Peak in sub-genre #19
Is That You? (Disfigured)
Your Natural Environment
Peak in sub-genre #22
Broca's Area, Michael Delaney and John Sosnowski, was all about improvisation. Lots of drones and no real melodies to follow. We just liked making noises. These songs are dubbed from very old tapes so don't expect any miracles as far as the sound quality! All artwork for Broca's Area was done by the incredible Joel Menter. You can check out some of his stuff here: http://www.spancwear.com/joel/
Band/artist history
Broca's Area started out in the late 80's with just John making instrumental guitar oriented pop / rock songs using cheap Casio and Yamaha Porta studio keyboards. With the help of underground giants like Jim Santo, Kenyata Sullivan and Don Campau (among many others) he gained some underground exposure. In the early 90's he was joined by Michael Delaney who added the technological edge that John was missing. They had no thoughts as to what style or genre of music they were going to do. "We just threw in tapes and recorded whatever happened." The tapes piled up and spawned the improv collection "Rabid Ambience" which John says is "The first REAL Broca's Area album. The sound I had in mind anyway." Soon after, they made a few more tapes and did collaborations with artists such as Joshua Peck (spoken word), D. Michael McNamara (spoken word), Michael Absher and SSG (radio show), Don Campau (music collab), Rotcod Zzaj (music collab) and many other great underground artists. Growing tired of the improvisational mayhem they called it quits in the late 90's. You can cry now. :-) - John
Have you performed in front of an audience?
A few times. We were kindly invited to play at the Wilmington Exchange Festival back in May of '95 and "although it was exciting to be there and we had a great time, in my opinoin, our set wasn't very good. We also played a few shows in Flint Michigan with Michael Absher's SSG band which were totally chaotic and a blast!" - John
Your musical influences
Too many and too varied. And none of them sound like what Broca's Area did.
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